How To Make Your Home More Marketable to Buyers

A home is one of the basic needs of people. People need shelter to live in may it be a small room, an apartment or a mansion. There are people who sell their house because they are moving to a new place or planning to buy a new one. If you are trying to sell your house, you need to do everything to make it more marketable. This is because there are lots of houses that are being sold. This means that the competition is tight.  

Buyers will be checking different houses for sale before deciding to buy one. If they check your house, they need to see that your house is better than the others.  Here are the steps on how to make your home more marketable to buyers.

  • Choose the best agent. There are many real estate agents offering their service. Do a research before getting one. See the agents available near you and ask about their service. Ask their strategy on how they will sell your house. Your home should be well advertised so people will be able to know that you are selling it. Pictures should be taken on all parts of the house so prospective buyers will have a preview. Study all the plans and details of each agent and decide which one you think is best for you. You should also keep a regular communication with your chosen agent to be updated with the status of your house.
  • Make the front of your house presentable. First impression matters. This is true when you’re selling your house. The first thing that buyers will see when they visit your house is its front. If the front part of your house is messy and ugly, this will already have a negative impact on the buyers. This might even instantly make them decide not to get the house. They will not even check what’s inside. That’s why it’s very important to check it and make necessary improvement. Remove weeds on the driveway and in the garden. Trim grass so it will not look like an abandoned house. Plant flowers in the garden to make it look more homey and inviting.
  • Paint wall with neutral colors. People like different colors. But since there will be different people who will check your house, you will not know which color they will like and even if you do, it’s not practical to change the color of the wall everytime someone will take a look at the house. To be safe, paint your walls with neutral colors like beige and white. You can even add on the details of the advertisement that your house is newly painted. Buyers will be more interested because this means that they will be able to save money for repainting.
  • Clean the whole house. Cleaning the other parts of the house is as important as cleaning the front. If they see from outside that the house is inviting and homey, they should still feel the same when they get inside and check the other parts of the house. Make sure to clean the house thoroughly. If you have pets, better put these outside to make sure that no fur or pet waste will be seen inside the house. Use air freshener to make the house smell good. Remove personal things like pictures so that the buyers will be able to imagine themselves living there. If your personal things are displayed, it might be hard for them to think that it’s their own house. Make sure to repair all that needs to be fixed. Buyers will definitely not like a house which has a lot of things that need to be fixed.

With the steps provided, your home will surely be more marketable and you will soon find a buyer for your house.


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