How To Negotiate a Tenant Renewal Lease

For years, you have been paying high rental fees to your landlord. Now, it’s almost time to renew your tenant lease. You should take this opportunity to negotiate a deal that will work to your advantage as a tenant. But how will you convince the landlord that you deserve a better deal? It should start with some good reasons.

Before you start negotiating for better deals, you should first have a good reason why the landlord will agree to your request. Here are some of the good reasons you can use for negotiating:

  • Better deal offered by other landlords. Look for apartments similar to yours that offer cheaper rate. These apartments should have the same number of rooms, similar amenities, and of the same size. The only difference should only be the rate. If you have found some apartments with cheaper rates, then you’re on a good ground to get better deals. If not, better look on other possible reasons why the landlord should give you better deals.
  • You’re a loyal tenant. How many years are you staying with the landlord? If you have stayed long enough, then that is a good ground to grant your request. If not, then you may choose to stay longer as a tenant to build rapport and loyalty.
  • You’re a good tenant. As much as possible, landlords want to keep their tenants. But if you’re not a good tenant, the landlord will like it more that you leave. Give him reasons that you are worthy to be kept—pay on time, take care of the apartment well, and have a good relationship with the landlord.

Make up your mind—why do you deserve a better deal? Are there better apartments with better rates out there, are you a good tenant, or are you a loyal tenant? Emphasize on the reason why you deserve a better deal when negotiating with the landlord.

What does it mean with better deals on tenant lease? You should decide what “better deal” you want to enjoy and be firm on that. The following are some “better deals” you can request from the landlord:

  • Lower Rates. You are loyal and a good tenant, plus, other apartments are offering lower rates. Your landlord should offer you lower rates, too.
  • Better amenities. So your landlord doesn’t want to agree on lower rates. Then request better amenities. You’re paying higher rates, you are loyal, and you are a good tenant. You deserve a reward—you deserve better amenities. But what amenities? Ideally, these amenities should be the things you need like new set of appliances after some years or more frequent home inspection and repair.

Never take “No” for an answer when negotiating for your tenant lease. If the landlord doesn’t agree, then start looking for other apartments that will offer you better deals. Threat the landlord that you’ll move to a new apartment with better deals if he won’t give you what you want. That will already be enough for him to say that you are serious about moving out. The landlords will most likely choose to keep their tenants so you have higher chances to get his “yes.”


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