How To Own a Value Village Franchise

Owning a Value Village franchise? It’s impossible to do that. They only operate using chain stores and they do not offer any franchise opportunities. So really, it’s impossible to own a Value Village franchise. But at least, you can work with them through other means. If not, you can have a business similar to Value Village.

There are many ways you can work with Value Village. Choose which is the most ideal for you:

  1. Nonprofit partner. You can only be their nonprofit partner if you are a member or an officer of a nonprofit organization. You can deliver to them large used items picked up from donated things from people in your area. Your organization will get a revenue from helping them. This is not a profit percentage, though, because it will not be based on the percentage. The rate, according to Value Village, is confidential so you have to talk about it personally.
  2. Donating partner. If you have used clothes that you want to donate, you can give those away and have them picked up. You can also deliver your things right to a Value Village store. It is better you contact the nearest Value Village store in your area to know what’s the best thing to do with your donation. You’ll get a tax receipt when you’ll be donating in a Value Village located inside the USA.
  3. Work in Value Village. Working in Value Village will be a big help in case you’re planning to have the same concept store someday. This way, you’ll know how the business works and how profitable it is.

Check in your locality if there are similar thrift stores like Value Village that allow franchise opportunities. Franchising is better than opening up your own store because you’ll have less hassle and less trial-and-error. You’ll be provided with everything you need like the things to sell, how to run the business, and proven inventory and payroll system.

If there’s no store like that, then conceptualize a store similar to Value Village.

Generally, Value Village sells second hand items and part of their profit is donated to nonprofit organizations. They get these items from donations.

You can follow the same exact concept—get donations, sell these, and share profit with nonprofit organizations. This is a better choice if you have the heart of helping other organizations while running your business. But you can’t expect getting high profit from doing this.

Alternatively, you can have a second hand or thrift store that is purely commercialized. You can invite people to sell their used items and resell these items. There are even companies selling used items in bulk and then you’ll just have to resell them individually.

Admit it, buying in stores similar to Value Village is like treasure hunting. You don’t know what you’ll get but when you have found a good item, you know it’s a rare one. Your future customers will feel the same. So make your store more like a treasure hunting rather than just reselling old and unwanted junks. You can do that by being picky on what you buy and what you sell.


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