How To Estimate your Required Moving Boxes

Moving from one place to another is a very tiring task; however, advance preparations will make your task easier. Advance preparations include the intelligent estimation of moving costs as well as the number of the moving boxes to be used. Moving boxes are important to lift your burden of running back and forth for more boxes.
If you already have an estimate of the number of moving boxes that you will use, your next problem is how you are going to pack them. Now you have to figure out, how you will put your stuff in the boxes. Here are some techniques which can help you estimate the fit of your things into a standard moving box:

  1. Utilize a box calculator. A box calculator will make your estimation easier. The calculator is simple to use. You just have to enter the size of your house, the number of people in your house, and other elements. After entering the necessary elements, the calculator will show the number of boxes that you will need. The box calculator may also suggest the moving box sizes. After the calculation, you will also have an idea on the amount of packing paper and tape you will need.
  2. Use your body as a measurement tool. This idea may not be as accurate but it will help in some way. For instance, if your moving box is as broad as your hand from elbow to your fingers, you can assume that an item that is wider than this measure will not fit in the moving box. Through this measurement, you can estimate the number of CDs or plates that will fit in the moving box.  It is easier to use your bodily measurements for measuring dimensions of those materials in the shelves.
  3. Talk to your moving supplier. Moving suppliers are professionals who will give you a good estimate on the number of moving boxes you need. They will also suggest the appropriate size of boxes for your items. A meeting with your moving supplier will guide you in packing your things. Packing materials such as moving containers are also offered by moving suppliers. Choose a moving supplier who guarantees exchange of defective materials and offers free delivery and assistance in using moving materials.
  4. Choose medium-sized moving boxes. The small and big moving boxes will be helpful in specific objects. On the other hand, medium-sized moving boxes will fit for almost all materials in your house (e.g. bathroom utensils, game equipment). A medium-sized moving box will also help you pack your closet. In packing your closet, you have to guesstimate a drawer for each box. Wardrobe boxes are also recommended in packing closets.
  5. Pack one box at a time. Packing one box will give you a good grasp of how much the moving boxes can accommodate. This technique applies when you are packing items that are almost the same (e.g. frames, books, clothes). Keep in mind that other materials like moving blankets consume bigger spaces.

Being informed of the number of moving boxes that you will need in moving will lessen your stress in packing. Planning will also prevent you from wasting time in looking for moving materials as well as moving boxes. If uncertain, it is wise to order extra moving materials.



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