How To Protect Yourself from Bogus Health Insurance

Everything is prone to scamming and falsification, especially now that almost everything can be done through the Internet. This is an option that is supposed to help out people in making certain things easier and services more convenient to use and be part of. However because of this same advancement it has also made itself the biggest ground for people to take advantage of each other. Sadly, even the life-changing and life-defining necessity that is Health Insurance is not spared from these trading.

The biggest draw of these bogus health insurance services is the supposed fast service and easy access to the plans they offer. They use terms that are both convincing and at the same time eye-catching. Your attention will easily be drawn to them.

Once you’ve filled out one of the many forms ever present online, it’ll ask for you to key in your contact information (i.e. phone numbers), and what is most likely to happen next is you will get a call from the people behind these companies talking to you, empathizing, sympathizing and mostly telling you the things that you want to hear. They will make it seem like they are the best in the industry but only through avoiding facts and focusing more on superlatives. A common tactic that these people employ is that when you do eventually ask for any form of documentation that you can go through, they will mention that you will have to go through an enrollment first. They will expect you to hand them over your credit information before you are even sent any type of paper that states facts or policies.

They normally target people who are desperate in getting any form of health insurance, and will focus on the fact that it is no more than a small amount that they need to assume first before they get to go over any detail on the plan.

There are exceptions though, some sites will include details on their sites, however if you go through all the details and the “fine print” you will find some discrepancies. These are terms that do not coincide clearly with the aforementioned conditions.

Remember to note these things when having an encounter with health insurance companies:

  • Be wary about the offers that seem to be too good to be true. It doesn’t hurt to check on industry standards and on other supplementing information.
  • Listen carefully to what the agents you are talking to are saying, if they are more concerned about getting you signed up rather than focusing on what you need and what your concerns are then you better re-assess your planned signing.
  • Remember to always ask for the documents necessary, if it is possible for you to get all the details down on official documents sent to you before having to commit on ANYTHING, and then do so.
  • Ask for a list of accredited physicians that they have, and double check with the respective offices to make sure that they do have legitimate tie-ups with the insurance company.

Never forget to re-read everything and double-check everything. Remember that for whatever hassle it is to re-do everything it is still more beneficial rather than going through litigation with a company that has succeeded in bamboozling you.


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