How To Rent a Moving Truck or Trailer

Moving is thought of as one of the most stressful things you can go through in your lifetime. In order for it to go smoothly and successfully, a lot of planning is required, with all aspects of the move thoroughly thought out and planned. One of the most important things you will require when moving will be a rental truck for transporting your possessions to your new home. Whether you are simply moving down the street or a fair distance away, you will require some variation of moving vehicle, whether it is a van, truck or trailer-which will depend on how much you have to move. When looking to rent a moving truck for your moving day, it is important to research into the different companies on offer so that you are not only getting the best deal for your needs, but are well aware of the reputation and service of the firm you decide to use.

Step 1

The first thing you need to take into account is where you are moving to, and the distance in which this is from your current residence and the firm which you are researching. Some firms are more than happy to rent a moving truck to those who are moving within the local area, or just outside of it.

However, if you are planning a move which is to another town or region, it is unlikely that you will be planning on driving your moving truck back to its original depot. In these instances, it is more beneficial to look at renting from a larger firm who can arrange a one-way trip which can be arranged for you at an extra cost. In these cases, the larger, more popular firms are always best as they more often that not have depots dotted across the country which makes it easier for you to be rid of the truck once you’re done with your move. When researching this factor, it is also imperative that you look into what size truck you require, and what size trucks the different firms can offer you. Most agencies can assist you with what the best size you will need, but it is always a good idea to hire a truck which is slightly larger than the size you need so you don’t risk running out of space.

Step 2

It is always a good idea to research into different moving truck firms as soon as you are aware that you are moving. This is so you can notify the company of when you require the truck as depending on when you are planning to move, you may need to book a truck in extreme advance. If you are booking far in advance, it is also advantageous to enquire about the insurance, fuel and mileage costs at this stage as if you note down this quote, it may help stop your final cost increasing as your move creeps closer. Any other costs that you might come across include rentals for pads and dollies, but depending on the rental firm you use will depend on if these are charged for and at what rate. You will need padding for fragile or easily damaged items, so if these are offered to rent, it is extremely advisable to rent them. 

Step 3

There are many ways in which you can find the ideal moving truck for your needs. Major firms will have a website which you can search through via the internet, and some smaller companies may have one also which will allow you to browse through what their service offers and the prices which you could be expected to pay. You can also find a wide range of companies in directories which will also offer a small description of the level of their services. Moving is stressful enough without choosing the wrong service for your move, but with the right research you will be safe in the knowledge that your move will go as smooth as possible.

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