How To Tour New Homes

Touring new homes is an essential step in owning a lifetime investment. A great deal of factors ranging from your budget, lifestyle, location, neighborhood, and housing needs among others need to be evaluated thoroughly and circumspectly. The corresponding guide to touring new homes will help make your evaluation and decision easier.

Define the kind of home you envision. Determine the type, size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, garage, layout and design, outdoor living areas, and other space requirements. If you intend to move outside the hustles and bustles of the city life, consider the distance of the new house from your workplace and other important facilities such as hospitals, shopping centers, schools, public transportation, etc. If you are planning to live in a new home for a long time, you need to consider a myriad of factors affecting each member of the household, hence get your family involved in discussing what you all need and want in a new house. Make a list of considerations you come up with to help your realtor and builders identify the home that best matches your requirements.

Meet with your trusted realtor. Your realtor can help you find reputable builders in your area and schedule an appointment for a home tour. Consider asking family, friends, and coworkers for builders they can recommend. You also have the option to personally research registered homebuilders through the Internet. You can visit builders’ sales offices to collect information on their model grand homes, modular homes, custom homes, and communities. Get brochures or pamphlets to peruse as much information as possible.

Carefully examine the new homes you visit. Take your time scrutinizing each room and pay particular attention to the sounds and feel as you go through each part of the house. Do not just look around but see how doors, windows, locks, cabinets, and drawers work by opening and closing them yourself. Consider the floor plan. Does it make use of the space efficiently? Is it functional and does it have the flexibility for future changes or upgrades? Do the layout and design provide the ideal position for each room in both cool and warm climates? Check the space and distance of the house from the driveway and the neighbor’s houses. Are the bedrooms situated away from the noise coming from the driveway and the neighbor’s living areas?

Check the neighborhood. When touring a new home, do not limit your inspection indoors. Get as much information as you can about the community and take a personal tour of the neighborhood as well. See how far the house is situated from the facilities of the village.

Again, buying home is an investment of a lifetime hence it is imperative to voice out all your concerns pertaining to the house and the process of purchasing it while you are yet in the process of touring new homes. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Unless all your questions are answered and you have covered everything to your satisfaction, take your time and do not put your commitment to writing yet.


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