How To Choose Halloween Music

Halloween music is an essential element for a Halloween party, and makes a great addition to the ambience if you decorate your home to welcome trick or treaters. There is a wide variety of Halloween music available to purchase, and it can be fun to look through the titles and listen to your ghoulish soundtracks when you get them home. Here are a few tips to help you make your choices.

  1. Consider the age group you're targeting with your music. Some young children will be frightened of scary sounds, so if it's a child's party, keep the music on a lighter note. Lots of children's entertainers and familiar characters have seasonal music CD's, so take a look for these.
  2. On Halloween night, you might want to have two different sets of music; kids' music as mentioned above for the early trick-or-treat crowd that tends to be the youngest, and spookier, more frightening music for the later visitors.
  3. Halloween music can be actual songs with real music, or a compilation of scary sounds. You can pick up recordings that sound like a haunted house, complete with creaks, blowing wind, stormy weather, and moans and cries of ghosts, zombies or monsters. This kind of recording is perfect for background sound on Halloween night.
  4. You can also get recordings of famous scary stories or novels on CD or audiotape. These make good background tracks for Halloween night as well, or even just background noise for a party or gathering. There are a number of classic recordings featuring the late Vincent Price that are sure to be extra spooky!
  5. If you're looking for actual songs for a Halloween party, there are some classic tunes that are appropriate for all ages. Try "Monster Mash," "Looking for Dracula," "Purple People Eater" and "Martian Hop" to start off with.
  6. You can find Halloween music at department stores, card shops, and record stores whenever the Halloween items start appearing in stock. Off season, you can purchase Halloween recordings online at such retailers as Amazon and CD Universe.
  7. To get the most out of your Halloween music or sound effects on Halloween night, set up some outdoor speakers. Put the speakers along the pathway to your door if you can, but make sure to hide the wires or at least get them out of the way of little feet that could trip over them in the dark. This way you won't have to turn the music up too loud, which could potentially annoy your neighbors.


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