How To Choose Halloween Decorations

Under normal circumstances, your house is a bright, cheerful place. But this isn't a "normal" circumstance; this is Halloween! If you want to create a delightfully spooky environment, here are a few tips for choosing, making, and buying Halloween decorations:

  1. Consider the ages of the residents and regular guests in your home, and decorate accordingly. Very young children can be easily frightened, so if you have toddlers at home, you may want to select happy looking pumpkins and Halloween decorations. For households with teenagers and adults, feel free to indulge in the creepy stuff!
  2. Follow in the monster's footprints. An easy way to welcome people home is to create a monster footstep path along your walkway. Purchase a large sponge and cut it into the shape of an oversized foot. Dip the sponge into washable (that's important!) paint and stamp footprints, flipping the sponge back and forth to create both left and right prints.
  3. Stack a few bales of hay on your front lawn and set pumpkins of assorted sizes on top of them. Add a scarecrow, homemade or store-bought, for a look that works well from Halloween all the way until Thanksgiving.
  4. Purchase a simple grapevine wreath and decorate with Halloween-themed plastic or wooden accents. Tie on a raffia bow to complete the festive look. You'll find everything you need at a craft store, online or brick and mortar.
  5. Line carved or painted pumpkins along your front walkway or on your outside steps. You can use real pumpkins or can buy a few made from ceramic for use year after year.
  6. Purchase several packages of Halloween spider webs. These are readily available at mass merchandisers during September and October and look great when hung in the corners of your outdoor and indoor doorways. Attach assorted plastic spiders to complete the look.
  7. Buy an assortment of Mason jars to display along a window ledge. Fill each jar with water that you have lightly tinted with food coloring. Add plastic spiders, bats, brains, teeth, etc.
  8. Hang plastic bats and spiders throughout your house.
  9. Switch some of your regular light bulbs with black bulbs or strobe lights. These are especially appropriate during parties.
  10. For creepy Halloween beverages, freeze gummy worms in ice cubes.
  11. Fill a few rubber gloves with fruit punch and freeze until ready to use. Run warm water over the gloves so that you can peel them away and then float the frozen punch hands in a punchbowl. A plastic cauldron works especially well for Halloween punch.
  12. Pouring a bit of hot water over dry ice produces fog. Set dishes of dry ice near your doorway and add hot water just before guests are expected.
  13. Purchase a few Halloween sounds. Many are available, from fun Halloween songs for children to creepy sounds designed to add to your spooky Halloween atmosphere.
  14. Try to make all of your purchases early so that you have the best selection.
  15. Halloween decorations are readily available in stores beginning in early September, but many online merchants offer the same products year round.


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