How To Enjoy the Sopranos' Final Season Premiere


It was a bittersweet moment for fans of the Sopranos when HBO announced the final 9 episodes of the 6th season. Over the last 9 years (Madonn, has it been that long?!), we've come to know Tony like our own boss, Paulie like our own Captain, and we laugh every time we hear Silvio go: "JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS OUT ..." You know how it goes.

Now that the critically acclaimed series is coming to an end, we have all the more reason to savor every minute of the final 9 episodes! To get the most out of the final season premiere on April 8th 2007, I've assembled a handy 'How To' for die-hard Sopranos fans everywhere!

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  1. Catch up! To make sure that you pick up exactly where the Sopranos last left off, revisit previous seasons by watching earlier episodes. Personally, I make it a requirement to re-watch all seasons. Obviously not everyone is as ridiculous or has as much time on their hands as I do, but I cannot over-stress the importance of making sure you're in sync with the characters and the storylines.

You want to make sure you remember any and everyone who got clipped, who owes who money, who's got a beef with who, etc. At a bare minimum, I recommend you watch the previous season. When the premiere airs, you don't want to be scratching your head trying to figure out why some character is being whacked!

To help you catch up, here are some great clips made by dedicated Sopranos fans all over the internet:

Season recaps for the first 5 seasons, each under 3 minutes:

  • Predictions, anyone? After you've familiarized yourself with the plot twists, re-watched your favorite 'whacking' scenes (wanna see them all? In chronological order?), you're ready to make your own predictions!

    Here are some major storylines and themes you might want to take a 'shot' at, pun intended:

    • Tony & Carmela's relationship: Will it strengthen, or will Tony's goomahs continue to plague their marriage?
  • Christopher Moltisanti: what becomes of his role in the DiMeo crime family? Will pressure from the FBI and Tony's age shift the family's responsibilities to 'Chrissy'?
  • Corrado 'Junior' Soprano: What will Tony do with his uncle? Dementia, old age, not to mention his several attempts to have Tony clipped all point to a sad outcome for uncle 'June'.
  • Meadow & Anthony Jr. Soprano: Meadow's getting married, AJ needs to grow up. Will the Soprano family bond get tighter with time, or will it suffer the same ambiguities as Tony's 'other' family?
    • And of course, there's everyone's favorite prediction: "Who's gonna get whacked this time?": It's a ritual for all Sopranos fans, and cast members too. You never know who it's going to be or when it's going to happen, but you know it will happen. Have fun with this one, because everyone knows, someone will get clipped when it all ends.

  • Throw your own premiere party! Every season premiere, the cast of the Sopranos have a ball getting together, celebrating the new season with glitzy outfits, great food, and enjoying eachother's company. Why can't we do the same? If you want an 'authentic' recipes on what to serve your guests on your premiere party, check out Soprano Sue's 'Perfect Premiere Party'. Her suggestions include bakeries and butchers from New Jersey and Newark!

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    Organize a fancy 'sitdown' with your close friends for the big night on Sunday. This is the perfect excuse to have great Italian food: pasta staples, deli meats trays, and lots of wine!

    Here are must-haves and must-dos for your party:


    • Baked Ziti - AJ's favorite; resist the urge to recite AJ's memorable line!
  • Deli meat tray - Gabagool (capo cuoll) is a must have! Throw in some prosciutto, genoa salami, mortadella and you're in business. I'd also recommend a few slices of Virginia ham, in memory of Olivia Soprano.
  • Cheese tray - Try to stick to a larger number of 'friendlier' cheeses, but still have a good amount of 'exotic' ones. If you need recommendations, here's a glossary.
  • Must-Dos:

    • Panel predictions - find out what everyone's predictions are, and see who comes closest when the premiere is done.
    • Cigars - What's a Sopranos episode without smoking a cigar with Tony?
    • Watch the most recent episode of the Sopranos right before the premiere airs - Nothing is more satisfying that being able to find out what happens next on the Sopranos without having to wait a week, or months for that matter!

    If you've completed all these steps, I'm sure Premiere night on April 8th 2007 will be one you won't forget. If not, who cares? The Sopranos will be going out in style! SALUD!


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