How To Cook on Banana Leaves

Add an authentic Asian feel to your meals simply by cooking with banana leaves. The following steps explain a quick and easy way for you to incorporate banana leaves into your cooking.

Step 1

Purchase the banana leaves. Since banana leaves are a unique product, they cannot usually be found at typical grocery stores. Don't worry just yet though, because you will have no problem finding them at any international grocery store or Asian food market.

Step 2

Wrap the meat. Banana leaves can be used in a manner that is very similar to how you would use aluminum foil in cooking. Foods like chicken, beef, and fish can be wrapped in banana leaves and then cooked. Once the meat is wrapped in the banana leaf, fasten the meat and leaf packet with a toothpick and you're set!

Step 3

Cook the packet. Before you actually stick it in the oven, it's a good idea to place the packet in an oven-safe dish, because the juices in the meat will seep through the leaf. When cooking your banana leaf packet, simply go about cooking the meat as you normally would, and pull it out when the meat is thoroughly cooked. The used banana leaf can be incorporated into your plate presentation as an authentic background for the meat.

Hopefully these three steps will help infuse your meal with a true Asian feel and a wonderful taste to boot. Enjoy!

Zach Bauguess is a freelance journalist with articles written on a variety of topics ranging from crafts to cars to cooking.

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