How To Make Some Basic Recipes for Nutritious Juice

The best way to prepare nutritious food for you and your family is through serving beverages. Every time we eat, we always have something to drink to pair our food with. It is an easier way for us to take in nutrients rather than eating the fruit by itself. People prefer taking in the juice rather than the fruit itself because they already have all the smudgy and icky parts of the fruit separated, leaving only the sweet essence and the nutritious juice. Fruit juice enhances appetite and offers a balanced nutritional intake as well.

Making fruit-juices out of fresh fruits is quite easy and fun. A basic recipe for a nutritious juice includes the following: fruits (may they be apples, oranges, lemons and grapes), sugar (to add sweetness), water and ice.


  1. You will need a juicer to squeeze fruits into and a pitcher (this is where the juice goes after squeezing).
  2. Add some water and sugar to the concentrate to balance the flavor.
  3. Add some ice.

Fruit juices have also been made available in the market for those who are always on the go. Fruit juices in tetra packs are found to be less nutritional than their homemade counterparts, since the juice-making process strips most of its nutrition through repeated screening processes. There are some ready to drink juices that are equally nutritious, though.

Apple juice/concentrate contains a considerable amount of acidity and vitamins, which are good for the body. Common fruit juices like orange, pineapple, grape and strawberry are used as base flavors since they are readily available in most states and have been consistently in demand. There is not a single child who has not heard of these fruits and does not wish to have a taste. Fruit juices are always being incorporated into other beverages such as flavored teas.

Tropical fruits are also items to watch for in making juices, like fruits considered as exotics such as guavas, coconuts, papayas, tamarind, and mangoes. These fruits have rich flavors and are as nutritious as other common fruit juices. Though they are not as abundant as the common fruit that we find in supermarkets, you will be surprised to know how much the demand for these flavors has grown.

Aside from fruits, you can also use vegetables to make juice, since they also have considerably high nutritional value. Adding veggies to your fruit juice gives the already healthy juice a strong push in its nutritional value and gives your juice drink a fresh flavor. Vegetables do not change the color of your juice drink and do not leave any aftertaste. Moreover, it is considered by many experts as a better alternative as a drink enhancer than powders and concentrates.

Many people have started considering the addition of vegetables in their fruit juice servings, since vegetables are well known for providing clean and natural flavors to drinks. Large beverage companies use vegetables as an added nutrition enhancer and ingredient in their beverage products as well.


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