Beginner's Guide to Bread Makers and Bread Machines

Bread has always been a part of the typical household. Almost all people in the world eat bread. From French bread to the normal table bread, this foodstuff has always been with us ever since ancient times (bread even appeared on the Bible several times). 

Bread is prepared by baking certain types of dough, with flour and water as their main ingredients. Other ingredients such as fats, salt and a leavening ingredient such as yeast are also common elements in bread making. Milk, eggs, spices, fruits, sugar and other ingredients can be added to make your bread taste delicious and unique.

Making bread has always been a not-so-easy task. Who would forget those grueling moments spent in the kitchen, standing beside the oven and waiting for that perfect timing on when to get the bread out of the oven? Nowadays, bread enthusiasts have invented many types of bread makers and bread machines to help people bake bread in a faster, easier and energy-efficient way.

What are bread makers? Bread machines and makers are appliances used in helping people bake bread. It has a bread pan with a paddle located at the center of a small oven with a control panel. Many bread machines have timers in them to allow automated operation, and some high-tech inventions allow these machines to have a custom style program. These styles allow bread enthusiasts and bakers to bake different types of breads with different types of cycles.

Many beginners in bread making find bread machines a friend in the kitchen. How then, can you choose the right bread maker for you? Read on and find out.

  • Always put into mind the number of people you are going to serve. The normal one-pound loaf of bread gives off about eight slices, so a 2.5 pound load will yield around 17-20 slices. Consider this when buying a bread maker since you won't need a machine that makes excess bread, wasting money and ingredients along the way.
  • Get a bread machine with a delay timer. Chances are beginners will tend to overcook bread. Getting a delay timer will ensure that you will get the bread out of the machine and still have that fresh taste.
  • Buy small machines for cooking fast at home. People tend to buy larger bread makers thinking that it will give them better results. Well, they are wrong. Larger bread machines yield dense breads with their quick-cooking programs. When planning to bake bread under an hour, small machines will give better results. Normal cooking time for small bread makers are 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Decide if you want vertical or horizontal shaped bread. If you want that store-bought feel with your bread, choose those horizontal bread makers. Otherwise, the bread yielded by vertical machines taste just as fine.
  • Choose the features you want with your bread machine. Fully customizable machines can cost up to $250. This is worth the money spent however, since these machines let you choose and customize your baking styles rather than just choosing a pre-set bread option for you bread. You can get a $100 bread machine that yields good quality bread, but you need to give up some customizable features in return.

Now that everything is said, you can now start making your very own bread at home.



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