How To Compare Types of Wine Coolers

Cooler filled with wine

Looking for wine coolers? Perhaps you are a wine enthusiast or a businessman handling wines. Whatever background you have, looking for wine coolers can actually be compared to selecting the best-tasting wine of the world. Good thing you are left with a wide variety of wine cooler choices—various brands, various types of wine refrigerators or coolers are available for your pick.

However, you can only pick one or few among these great choices. But choosing can be simple and easy as long as you are familiar with the different types and brands of wine chillers in the market.

Types of Wine Coolers

The type of wine cooler will dictate the taste of your wine. So, be careful when deciding which among these types you will choose.

  1. Built-in Wine Chillers. If you don’t want the wine refrigerators to take up much of your kitchen floor space, then this is the best choice for you. Just like regular refrigerators, it can be installed flat on the wall for easy access. However, this kind of wine chiller is a bit expensive as compared to other types.
  2. Countertop Wine Fridges. These can be perfect temporary and permanent wine cabinets for you. Just like a wine cellar, you can store multiple bottles of wine within reach, right at the top of your counter near the outlet.
  3. Free-Standing Wine Refrigerators. These are cheaper and more versatile options for wine coolers. These units can be freely moved anywhere as long as there is free floor space and an outlet.

Brands of Wine Coolers

A lot of popular appliance brands like Costco and Sears have their own versions of wine coolers. Costco and Sears wine chillers have gained a lot of positive reviews and been given high ratings by a lot of consumers. However, aside from these popular brands are other manufacturers that produce good quality wine refrigerators such as:

  1. Avanti. This manufacturer produces custom-built wine refrigerators ideal for any kind of use. Most of their products have stylish designs, commonly with black bodies and stainless trim. Also, Avanti wine coolers earn high ratings because of their extra features such as glass doors designed for easy viewing and an advanced one-touch thermostat control.
  2. Haier. The products of this manufacturer are known for their elegant styles and quality materials. The coolers provide features like slide-out storage systems, choice of electronic or mechanical cooling system, and two interior cooling zones.
  3. Danby. Danby is more dedicated to producing free-standing wine refrigerators. A lot of the models have digital temperature control and wooden shelves with additions of stainless steel doors.
  4. Summit. The wine coolers manufactured by Summit are all perfect for home use. They offer a wide selection of sizes and designs, with the usual choice of either stainless steel door or transparent glass.
  5. Vinotemp. Known for their production of premium wine cabinets, Vinotemp produces wine refrigerators having superior components. One example of Vinotemp’s coolers is the Wine Mate Cooling Unit.

So now, it is up to you to choose the one that will serve you best. Analyze your needs, especially the area where you will be placing the wine chiller. In that case, you will not be having a hard time to choose among the wide selection of wine coolers in the market.


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