How To Buy a Barbecue Grill

With the weather heating up and the summer sun shining, many people are beginning to want to enjoy the experience of cooking and entertaining outdoors.  Of course the most important component of any successful cookout is the barbecue grill.  The grill is the place where all the culinary delights of summer reach their full potential and picking the correct one is essential for a great cookout. Here's how to be sure to buy the best grill.

  • The first element to consider before your purchase of a grill is whether you would prefer a propane grill or a charcoal model.  If you are looking for a grill that will produce an even and controlled cooking surface then a propane grill is the appropriate choice.  These grills allow you to raise or lower the heat of the grill by the turn of a knob; also propane barbecues are much easier to light because of their built in ignitors.
  • If you are searching for a smokier flavor for your burgers, steaks, sausages, etc.  then a charcoal grill may be for you. Charcoal barbecues require a much more patient chef; they take longer to light because charcoal must be burned to create the heat for cooking.  These grills must be watched constantly because of the danger of flame-ups caused by fat from meat dripping onto the flames.  Also the position of the coals must be even or the grill will have cold and hot spots; the advantages to charcoal are the distinct flavor as well as the cheaper price of charcoal versus propane.
  • After deciding on the type of grill you want, you must determine the size of barbecue that you need.  This is strictly a question of personal choice and necessity.  If your common cookout consists of 30 guests then a four burner grill with a three by two grilling surface is your best bet.  Family grillers probably only need a grill with two burners and a two by two surface.  Excessive size will result in a more difficult cooking experience.
  • Finally, you need to look at accessories for your new barbecue.  If you want a complete cooking apparatus then a couple of side burners may help you; however, these are not necessities.  After weighing all these options, head to your nearest hardware store or department store and examine the models that best fit your needs. Remember that grilling is supposed to be fun so find the right grill for you and enjoy the many wonderful meals that are sure to come from your choice.


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