How To Buy a Commercial Juice Extractor

Family extracting fruit juice

Healthy foods and drinks are what everyone needs to counteract the unhealthy work lifestyle of today’s generation. It’s quite encouraging that people are now becoming more and more concerned with the food and drinks that they take in. Having a freshly extracted juice in the morning or after a workout in the gym is very refreshing, rather than drinking a commercially processed juice. To prepare freshly extracted juice you need a juice extractor. Various models of juice extractor are available in the market. For household use a simple model is advisable. Buying a heavy duty unit would entail a bigger budget, and it is not worth your investment, since you will just be using the equipment once in a while. For commercial use though, like in a restaurant or a bar, a commercial juice extractor is what you need.

In buying a commercial juice extractor, you have to first know the types of professional juicers so that you will be able to match the needs of your business. Centrifugal juicers are good for vegetables and fruits but not leafy greens and wheatgrass. This type of juicer is ranked as the most popular and affordable type. Centrifugal juicers grate the fruits or vegetables into pulp. It uses centrifugal force in separating the juice. The single-gear type commercial extractor has low revolutions per minute (RPM) and gives a higher yield. These twin gear professional juicers use compression in extracting juices, cost a lot more, but they produce larger volumes. Another consideration in buying a commercial juice extractor is its size. Some require large spaces while other models can just sit on a tabletop.

To make the most out of your investment, you have to buy the right juicer for your particular business. If the volume needs are low, you may consider the use of manual commercial juicers that would produce one glass of juice at a time. Choose low- to high-volume juice bar or restaurant juicers if demand for juices remains constant. You may have to get specialized juicers for particular types of fruits or greens. Another consideration that would be beneficial for you before buying a commercial juice extractor is to determine how much juice your business needs. A restaurant juicer with high volume will come at a big difference in price from low-volume juice extractors. Look for a model based on production needs first, then on price. Also check out the space needed for large juicers. There are heavy duty machines that require up to 6 square feet of floor space.
Juicers differ also based on their manufacturers. Miracle Pro, Waring-Commercial, Wiliams-Sonoma Breville, Commercial Champion Juicer, Miracle Exclusives and Sundance Wheetena Workhorse are just a few of the commercially available heavy duty juice extractors in the market today. It is necessary to compare how these juicers will work, their outputs and of course the price. A demonstration on how the equipment will work is beneficial for you to decide whether to buy it or not. Another way to help you decide in buying a commercial juice extractor is its actual performance. Asking restaurant or bar owners on how a particular unit performs would be very helpful in your decision.


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