Coffee Varieties and Flavors

There is a plethora of coffee varieties and flavors. Varieties, for one thing, present a large array of possible categories. But in this article we will tackle varieties in two categories only, coffee variety by country and coffee variety according to coffee beans. Just like varieties, focusing on commercial preparations either from our neighborhood coffee shop or ready-mixed coffee, flavors range from the simple to gourmet. Espresso and cappuccino are two common examples of preparations. So coffee flavors would be limited to the main tastes the world has gotten used to. However, since the flavor of a coffee depends on the variety of the beans, varieties and flavors would be taken as one.

Coffee may be classified according to the country from which it comes. Of course, there are a large number of countries throughout the world that produce coffee. Let us categorize then, according to the major producers. Each origin country has a distinctive coffee product. Each product gives out a different taste. This can be attributed to a number of factors including soil quality, weather, altitude, and water quality, among others.

Some coffee varieties according to country of origin:

  1. Colombia. This variety is uncomplicated. Its taste is easy to take pleasure in. It is warm and soft. It gives out a light aroma. This variety is fit for easy coffee moments.
  2. Costa Rica. With a soft nutty taste, Costa Rican beans offer rich and full coffee taste. This is good for any kind of roast.
  3. Ethiopia. Coffee from this country gives out rich and full body, pleasurable sweet aroma with a softness that is matchless. 
  4. Guatemala. This is a very bubbly variety. Depending on the roast, it could be crisp or intense. This can go well solo or blended.
  5. Java. This is a strong, black and sweet variety. It comes from the island of Java in Indonesia. The java variety has a deep body.
  6. Mexico. The Mexican variety is crisp and has a sweet aroma. This is a great refreshment coffee. Mainly, this county produces small beans.
  7. Peru. The Peruvian coffee gives out a smooth and soft taste with minute hints of a cocoa taste. This variety is incredible as a partner in combination brews. This is also great for dessert concoctions.
  8. Sumatra. Described by some as very exotic, this variety is full flavored and gives out a highly spiced aroma.

Coffee varieties according to coffee beans:

  1. Arabica. This is widely considered to be the superior bean and is used in many gourmet coffee preparations. In blends, this bean is used as the main ingredient. Most specialty coffees use Arabica beans for their full body and very rich flavor. This comes with a higher price tag, though. Aside from its popularly better taste, Arabica is more expensive to grow because it is prone to a lot of diseases and need more careful cultivation.
  2. Robusta. For coffee lovers who prefer a subtler flavor in their drinks, this bean will suit them. Robusta is easier to produce, so it is best for instant coffee production. It can be produced in a larger quantity compared to Arabica.
  3. Liberica. This variety gives out the weakest aroma and taste. This is good for blending. It gives variety to the two beans mentioned above.

With a wide range of varieties and flavors, there is a coffee bean for every coffee lover. The choice would really depend on the personal taste preferences of the drinker. Coffee blending and preparation maybe done with an espresso machine or a simple grinder, and some varieties may be great with the machine or the grinder. Coffee now has become more popular than tea. With health consciousness, coffee is now marketed as a healthy option at par with tea when it comes to benefits.


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