How To Find Organic Tea

These days, people are making a conscious effort to mind their health and wellness by going back to a lifestyle where everything should be as natural and organic as possible. They shun processed foods and other edible items that contain additives. As much as possible, they want everything they eat to be as natural as possible from the moment the plants that they're derived from are planted until they become the kind of food that we'll take into our bodies. Tea is one such example. Teas can be made from any plants available, but for those who are into organic teas, they want it in such a way that there are no chemical fertilizers or pesticides used on these plants while they were still growing. 

Organic tea tends to be a bit more expensive than the ordinary tea, because planting the herbs, fruit and other tea plants is a bit labor intensive. Someone has to make sure that natural and organic items alone are introduced to these plants and that the soil used is enriched with only natural compost with a layer of mulch on top to retain the volatile moisture and nutrients found in natural materials. 

Proponents of organic tea claim that it produces a superior quality of tea as well as higher concentrations of antioxidants that give many health benefits, such as the catechins and polyphenols. Whether it be an herbal tea, green tea, jasmine tea, or even coffee beans, proponents of organic food products wants everything that they take into their body as natural as possible. 

Although it has become a trend to prefer organic tea, there are only a few companies that are offering fair-trade and real organic tea. Even on the Internet, where almost all information around the world is accessed, there is little information on companies and sources to find your organic tea. 

  • However, you might find special interest in Numi Organic Tea Company and its website at where organic teas are constantly innovated and enhanced with flavors whether bottled or bagged. Its web site will also lead you to the Numi stores that are closest to your area so that you may be able to buy the tea whether in bulk tea bags or in bottled cases. You might also find your organic tea at, and 
  • Your local grocery may have available stocks of organic tea on their shelves. They are usually located with the ordinary teas and other breakfast items such as coffee and creamer. 
  • One good place to find your organic tea is your local health and wellness store where they sell healthy food products made with natural items for the overall wellness of the body. Aside from selling natural and herbal medicines in tonic forms, capsules and extracts, they might also sell organic tea and coffee as well as delicacies and candies made from milk thistle, ginseng, and other herbs. 
  • Your local Japanese or Chinese grocery should never be underestimated. The finest organic tea usually comes from China and Japan where tea drinking is a natural ceremony for them.

Tea is a good start to living healthier. It will give you so many benefits that will be good for you. 


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