How To Fold a Rose Napkin

If you are throwing a formal dinner, be it a wedding dinner, birthday dinner or you just feel like you want to plan and throw a dinner for your relatives, adding elegantly folded napkins can make it look and feel formal.

Now there are a lot of elegant napkin folds out there, but you have to understand that whatever fold it is you are going for, make sure that it goes with whatever theme you have set up. Almost all dinner parties have some sort of simple theme that goes with it to make the party a bit more fun and lively.

Say you are having a Valentine's dinner with your partner; of course you would go with a Valentine's theme. Put roses in vase in the middle of the dining table. One way to make your theme come to life would be choosing the appropriate napkin fold.

A very apt fold would be the rose fold. Now it may sound hard and complicated because of its name; but on the contrary it is pretty easy to do. The rose fold is a great way to accentuate your Valentine's motif and a good way to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend. This fold can be done easily and with any type of napkin. You can put small glasses or bowls on top of the napkins for additional design.

The first step here is to make sure your napkin is clean. No one wants to see dirty table napkins on their tables. Place the napkin down in front of you. Now you fold with your arms the two opposite sides of the napkin so that the ends meet in the centre. Next, you fold the two remaining sides or corners so that they can meet at the centre.

Once you've done that, proceed to fold the top two corners again so they meet at the middle. Next, fold the remaining corners so that they meet at the centre; the same way the first two met.

Once you have folded all the tips and corners, you should be left with a napkin that is one-fourth the size of the original napkin.

After that, flip over the now small napkin. Fold in the tips and corners the same way you folded it the first two times. Place something heavy in the middle of the napkin (a wine glass or you can hold it down with your fingers). As you maintain that downward pressure on the napkin, reach around each corner and pull out the flaps to create the petals of the rose.

Pull out the wine glass or your fingers (or whatever it is you used to hold the napkin down) and your napkin should now look like a rose. If it does not look like a rose, retrace your steps to where you made a mistake. It should be easy enough because the process itself is fairly easy.

If you want a fancier design, reach down on the remaining corners to bring out more petals. Now place something in the centre for a finishing touch and you are done.


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