How To Know About Food Sealers For Commercial Use

The freshness and quality of the food that we eat is what counts if we would like to stay healthy. Food safety must always be a concern of food handlers not only in commercial food establishments but even in the comfort of our homes. When food is properly sealed, its freshness lasts longer than with conventional storage method. Food sealers are good to use in the freezer, in the refrigerator and in the pantry. Meats and fish are best sealed before freezing to keep them fresh and maintain their good fat. Fruits, like strawberries keep their freshness when sealed before they are kept in the refrigerator. Homemade cookies are always oven-fresh when they are kept in the pantry sealed.

When food is exposed to air, it spoils faster due to oxidation. When not sealed it will cause freezer burn, grow mold, and tastes rancid. Some brands of food sealers available in the market today are Keepeez vacuum seal LID, FoodSaver and Seal-aMeal. These food sealers remove air. They seal in flavor and quality that keep food fresh longer, even up to five times.

Keepez Lid allows you to vacuum seal food using your own platters, food bowls, cans and canisters. With FoodSaver and Seal-a-Meal however, there is a need to transfer the food from their original containers to a disposable plastic bag or a vacuum canister made specifically for that purpose. KeepeezLIDs and LID+DISH sets can be used for all purposes since it does not require electricity while other existing food sealers, Keepeez is fast and convenient to use compared to other vacuum food sealers.

There are two types of food sealers for commercial use:

  1. The external vacuum sealer
  2. The chamber vacuum sealer

A vacuum food sealer whether it is an external bag or chamber-style machine is very easy to use and really extends the life of food products. Vacuum sealer bags are also used for packaging meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and means for freezing. One famous brand, the Food Vac, is an external clam vacuum sealer with several features so that your packaging job will become easier. You can set it to manual mode when sealing only a few items, while it is necessary to set in automatic mode if sealing large batches. On the other hand a top-quality chamber-less vacuum sealer is perfect for sealing food products and other items. Some commercial use food sealer has a longer seal bar and uses micro-layered pouches. Compared to a regular sealer bag, it preserves greater quantities of food or perishable products, which saves money on food costs.

Commercial food sealers are available in the market in a wide array of models for both chamber and external vacuum sealers. Each type of these chamber and vacuum sealers has its own unique features that would suit your food sealing requirement. Some features are electronic pressure sensor, and a removable seal bar. They can be programmed to remove almost all the air contained in the packet. Food sealers for commercial use preserve color, taste, flavor and nutritive value of the food for a long time.


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