How To Get a Recipe for Easter Cakes

Easter is a time for feasting and celebration, and many types of Easter parties feature pastries, cookies and cakes with different themes.  If you're looking for a cake recipe for Easter, there are plenty of places to look.

First, try going online to your favorite search engine and typing in "Easter cake recipe".  You'll come back with all kinds of websites that feature everything from fancy cookies and cakes to simple, homemade recipes.  There are a multitude of designs, ingredients, themes and tastes for everyone, so trial and error might result in tasty recipes to be enjoyed by all.  Yellow or white bunny-shaped cakes and cupcakes are a popular theme to try, using shredded or flaked coconut as the bunny fur and jelly beans for facial features and other details.

Local bakeries are sure to have a recipe for the season on hand, as well.  If your area features a shop that specializes in only cakes, don't be afraid to go in and ask for a recipe or some help with an Easter cake.  They'll enjoy the patronage and word-of-mouth, and you'll also be able to find all of the ingredients and cake accessories needed without the hassle of several trips to different stores.

Also, try asking friends and family, or even co-workers, for ideas and themes, or recipes.  If you're looking for a kid-friendly recipe to try, schools or even parenting magazines might be the perfect spot to find an easy, creative recipe that's budget-friendly, as well.  Many home or women's magazines, like Good Housekeeping or Redbook, also offer creative recipes for the Easter season.  They might also offer variations on the recipes to fit into a specific diet, too, like low-fat or Weight Watchers, and could possibly provide substitutions to use if you're without an ingredient, or need a diet replacement.

No matter the budget for the season, an Easter cake recipe should be an easy one to both find and make, and with a little effort and some creativity, you can make an Easter cake to please even the pickiest of eaters amongst your friends and family.


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