How To Get Easter Dessert Recipes

On top of all of the candy given out yearly at Easter time, you've still got to find some fabulous desserts to go along with a full-course dinner with the family. Are you struggling with finding the perfect Easter dessert recipes? There are so many options, and when you're overwhelmed with all of those chocolate bunnies and little eggs, it might be difficult to choose.

The best place to get dessert recipes for Easter is to search the internet using those keywords. You'll probably be rewarded with so many results that it would take you quite a while to go through. Pick the first website and try to choose some feasible options without overwhelming yourself with too many. Another way to get recipes is to check out good cookbooks from the local library, sift through some cooking or baking magazines at the local grocery mart, or grab a dessert book from the bookstore. Your Easter dessert really doesn't have to be anything fancy. Here are some ideas to get you going.

  • You can definitely go for making bunny, lamb, cross, and egg shaped cakes or cookies as well as bunny or egg topped cupcakes. Those types of desserts are simple, fun, and a big hit with the kids.
  • If making cakes or cookies, you can get the kids involved with the baking and decorating.
  • You can make Easter egg cookies (and decorate them just as fancy, if not more so, than the real eggs!), chocolate baskets filled with jellybeans, or even pudding desserts with a bunny face on top. Some of the most creative desserts are often the most simple and can be made easily as a crowd pleaser.
  • If you're looking for some more sophisticated options, you can always make rich strawberry shortcake, a peanut butter pudding dessert, lemon pudding cheesecake, a chocolate turtle cheesecake, mango pie, or creamy lemon squares.
  • Carrot cake, fruit and yogurt parfaits, and a basic ice cream pie are great Easter desserts as well.

There are no specifically designated Easter desserts, but you'll want to think along the lines of light, simple, and delicious. Easter does not call for heavy, darker desserts that you might have at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Because Easter often marks the beginning of spring and warmer weather, choose lighter colors and ingredients, and your dessert is sure to please.


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