How To Get Holiday Recipes

Recipes for holiday food are a little closer to the heart than most since the meals made from them are generally shared with close friends and family, and you only eat them once or twice a year.  Don't you just love the smell of a turkey roasting in the oven while the cranberry sauce is simmering on the stovetop and the aroma of pumpkin pie wafts by?  Aren't you getting hungry just thinking about it?

Holiday recipes are not hard to find and are wonderful to collect and pass on to generations after you - but where can you start?  

First, ask your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles for any family holiday recipes they have.  You may be surprised how happy they are that you asked! It's a compliment to be asked for a recipe, and they'll probably appreciate that younger generations will be preparing their favorite traditional dishes. After gathering family holiday recipes, organize them by Main Dish, Side Dish, Dessert, and so on.  It is helpful to have a recipe filing system so you'll be able to find what you need quickly when you want to start cooking.

Second, log onto your computer and get comfy; there are lots of recipes on the internet.  If you simply type "holiday recipes" into the Google search field you'll find about 34,000,000 results! Recommended websites for recipe gathering:,,, and has a wonderful Holidays portion of her website which is especially helpful.   Try to have several recipes for each course of the meal for each holiday, and supplement your family recipes with recipes you've found online.

Third, visit your local library and cooking stores.  At the library you'll find myriad books with different versions of recipes for all holidays and can borrow the books for free.  Many grocery and cooking stores offer cooking classes all year long and during the holidays you'll find classes exclusively with holiday recipes. Whole Foods, Central Market and Williams-Sonoma are a few great ones to start with.

Once you've begun your quest for your very own collection of holiday recipes you may find that you notice them all around you.  At the grocery check-out stand on the magazine rack, at the drug store, even on television.  In fact, local channels usually have cooking segments and if you have cable TV you'll find channels showing chefs cooking different types of recipes 24 hours a day.  Now, get to gathering and bon appetit!


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