How To Use Healthy Recipes for Quick Dinners

As more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and are seeking out more healthful alternatives to their daily diet, one can say that we’re definitely experiencing a health revolution during these times. However, as studies report that more than half (63%) of all Americans are overweight (of which 31% are obese), then we certainly need to get more vigilant and exert more effort to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Though the Internet could pose negative influences when it comes to nutrition, it can however, be used for the health side too. There are so many websites now that offer highly useful online information such as caloric counts on some of the most popular brands of food. There was one featured article at Yahoo which informed readers on how much exercise they’d have to do in order to burn the calories of some particular food; for example, if you consumed a doughnut from one particular food chain, you’d need to jog for about 45 minutes only to lose the calories you gained. How’s that for motivating you to avoid eating junkfood and fastfood in the first place? The website,, offers a lot of information with regards to losing weight and caring for your health; another of its highlighted features is a calorie counter page, where you can input all the food that you put in your mouth everyday, along with the amount of exercise you did, and the program will compute how many calories you took in for that day.

There are also tons of materials you can get online if you’ve resolved to stick to healthy cooking for your family’s meals. So if you’re on the lookout for the best sites to get tasty but healthy recipes, here are some of the places you could start:

  1. – This is a website that's easy to navigate; you can click on the tabs to the left; these tabs include, “healthy pastry recipes,” “healthy soup recipes,” “healthy dessert recipes,” and “healthy vegetarian,” among many others. The recipes are actually posted blog-style; some of the entries are linked to videos, which you can view to better understand how to cook the recipes.
  2. – If you are a regular viewer of programs at the foodnetwork, you will definitely enjoy browsing through their website. This is a comprehensive website that gives food preparation tips from your favorite Food Network TV stars. Click on the tab, “Health Eating” to get treated a wide array of free recipes, broken down into different categories such as “power breakfasts,” “energizing lunches,” as well as healthy dinner recipes. You could actually even customize the recipe listings you view, through the quick meal finder found at the left part of the page. Find recipes according to whether you want to find recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner; then according to the main ingredient (chicken, salmon, pork, beef, etc) and the length of time you’d like the food preparation to be. Other available categories include vegetable recipes for vegetarians, whole grains recipes, and heart healthy foods.
  3. – Its slogan is, “Making healthy taste great.” And look great too! As you enter this website, you will be welcomed by enticing pictures of colorful and highly nutritious meals. There is a lot of information to choose from; you could visit its featured pages such as “20-Minute meals” which present quick recipes that any busy mom or dad could prepare fast for their family. Under this category, you would find recipes for such meals as “superfast chicken” and “superfast seafood”, along with the pictures of the finished meals.

There are so many other categories you could read up on, such as general cooking tips (Cooking 101); healthy living; and eating smart. This truly gives a holistic approach towards a healthier lifestyle.

There you have it! These are just some of the rich resources from which you can obtain free menus and recipes that promote health and wellness. Whoever said healthy can’t be tasty? Have fun!


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