How To Add Color to Food

There are many ways you can add color to your food. Depending on what color you want to add depends on what you will use. If you are making cupcakes you are going to want to use traditional food coloring. You can find food coloring at any baking supply store or grocery store. This food coloring can be used in the icing as well as the cake mix. The traditional food coloring is the most common way to add color to foods but there are many other ways to do so.

A newer way people are adding color to their food is by using other foods. This is not only healthy but adds extra flavor when cooking or baking. For instance, if you want to make something purple or even a dark pink you can use beets. While some people don't eat beets this is a great way to incorporate them into your diet. Beets add a rich, deep color and a multitude of flavor to any dish. The best way to add beets for color to a dish is to puree them well before adding them. No one will be able to tell they're even in the dish. It's a great way to get kids to eat more veggies!

Some other things that seem to color food well are blueberries, cranberries and other dark, staining fruit. What I mean by staining is when you cut fruit or veggies and they stain your fingers or leave a deep color on your tongue. These types of fruits have a powerful color and will be a wonderful natural way to color any food.

In the south we love to brown our food, so browning your food is also another way you can add color. When fixing meats or making gravies there is nothing easier than getting a good brown crust at the bottom of your pan and using that to add color to whatever you are cooking. These brown bits make delicious brown gravy or giving that yummy crust on the outside of you meat. If you add a little olive oil to the bottom of your fry pan just before putting your meat in, it will help it to brown up quick and leave those prize winning, crusty parts at the bottom. Those crusty parts at the bottom are like "gold;" they add so much flavor and color to anything you are cooking. They will give your dish a rich dark color without adding anything else to it.

Before just going to the store and buying food coloring to add color to your food think of some creative ways you can add color with the foods you have. By using some fruits and veggies it adds very healthy ingredients to your diet.


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