How To Assemble a Monkey Face Cupcake

Monkey face cupcakes can be cute treats for children’s parties or other occasions. They are easy to assemble and decorate. You can make them before the party, or decorate the cupcakes together as a fun activity during the party. Here’s how to assemble a money face cupcake: Ingredients and supplies: Cupcakes (any flavor) Chocolate and vanilla icing Small cookies or peanut butter cups, 2 per cupcake M&Ms or other small round candies, 2 per cupcake Round vanilla wafer or other flat cookie Red licorice rope Butter knife

  1. Bake the cupcakes. You can use any boxed mix or recipe to make the cupcakes. They can be any flavor, since the tops will be completely coated in frosting. Use paper cupcake wrappers so that they come out cleanly from the pan.
  2. Frost the cupcakes. First, use a butter knife to cover the top of each cupcake in a layer of brown frosting. You can change the color of the frosting by mixing chocolate and vanilla together to form a light brown shade, or use chocolate on its own for a darker brown monkey.
  3. Attach the cookie “ears.” First, use a dab of frosting to attach the ears. They should be placed near the top edge of the cupcake, with the edges of the cookies hanging off the side of the cupcake. Small peanut butter cups work well for this because of their color, but you can use any round cookies about an inch in diameter.
  4. Assemble the monkey face. If you’re not using peanut butter cups for the ears, first run a line of chocolate frosting around the edge of the ears so that they blend in with the rest of the cupcake. Place the two round candies on the cupcake as eyes, and the round cookie as a muzzle underneath the eyes. Use a section of licorice rope for a big smile. If you don’t want to use several different kinds of cookies and candies for the monkey face, you can also draw on the features using frosting in an icing bag.
  5. Enjoy! This cute cupcake is easy to make, and would be perfect for a children’s theme party, such as a zoo party, circus party, or jungle party. These monkey cupcakes are easy to assemble and fun for kids. Animal face cupcakes are sure to be a hit at any party!


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