How To Assemble a Three Tier Wedding Cake

Three tier wedding cake

If you have chosen to bake or assemble your own wedding cake, you may be a little stumped as to how you can build a traditional three-tier wedding cake. Of course, you don't want the wedding cake to fall over during the celebration, so you must make sure that it is stable. Here's how to assemble a three tier wedding cake:

  1. Decide whether you want pillars. Do you want to stack the three cakes directly on top of each other, or separate them using pillars so that you can see between the layers of cake? This fundamental decision will affect how you assemble your three tier wedding cake.
  2. Gather your supplies. If you want to use pillars, of course, you'll need to find the pillars. They can be found at stores catering to bakers, as well as some craft stores that have a wedding supply section. You may want to choose relatively short pillars, since you're not an expert wedding cake assembler. You'll also need dowels, which go through the cakes themselves. If you don't wish to assemble these supplies yourself, you can also use a cake stand, which can save this hassle and give you the same effect. Finally, you'll need boards to go under each cake; the sizes depend on the size of each cake tier on your wedding cake. The bottom layer should go onto a thick plywood base to facilitate moving, especially if you need to assemble the cake somewhere other than the reception room.
  3. Bake and ice the cakes. Once your cakes are baked, completely ice them on the cardboard tiers, covering the cardboard with icing too.
  4. Move the individual layers to the reception site. For best results, do the actual assembly in the location where the cake will sit during the reception. A three tier wedding cake is not very usually stable, and is not meant to be moved from room to room.
  5. Add the pillars. To assemble a three tier wedding cake, you'll be inserting the dowels through the iced cake and into the pillar. Start with the bottom tier, and use at least 4 dowels and pillars per layer. Just push the dowels through the cake itself, and then into the pillar that has been placed on top of the layer of cake beneath the tier you are adding. If you don't want a pillar cake, place the three cake layers directly on top of each other, and run a dowel through the center for stability.
  6. Decorate the cake. Some decoration can be done prior to assembly, but be careful that you don't bump into it while you're trying to add dowels and pillars. You may want to save some of the decoration, especially any that are on the top surfaces of any of the tiers, until after your three tier wedding cake is assembled. At the very least, you'll need some extra frosting to cover the dowel ends and other signs of assembly.

Assembling a three tier wedding cake can be a little tricky, but it is easily done with the right supplies. Baking and assembling your own wedding cake can save you a lot of money and ensure that you get exactly the cake you want.


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