How To Attend Beer Fest

Beer fests happen annually around the world. They are a chance to enjoy great food and sample many different beers. Many breweries also give out free beer-related products. This party may be held in a bar or beer garden. Are you a beer lover? Here’s how to attend beer fest:

  1. Buy your tickets in advance. Some beer fest tickets sell out before the day of the festival, so be sure to buy yours in advance so that you don’t miss out. If you aren’t sure when beer fest is happening, ask at your local bar. Most beer fests happen in the summer, but some are scheduled for the rest of the year.
  2. Plan your ride. Never drive to and from beer fest. It’s not only irresponsible and dangerous, but you are likely to be caught. Remember, the local police know it’s beer fest day too. Call a cab or plan to use public transportation. You can also set up a designated driver, though it’s no fun to be the designated driver attending beer fest.
  3. Arrive early. Gather a group of friends, and head to beer fest early. As soon as the door opens, eager drinkers will flood into the area. You want to get to the best vendors first to avoid having to wait in lines or make your way through the crowd to get to them. Consider starting in the middle, rather than one end of the other, for the shortest lines. Most of the larger beer fests will hand out maps, so plan out your day when you get this map.
  4. Sample wisely. Make notes of the best-tasting drinks. You may feel weird walking around with a notepad, but you may not remember your preferences later on, especially after sampling dozens of different beer varieties. Drink plenty of water, too, especially if beer fest is held on a hot day. Alcohol can be dehydrating. Pace yourself; if you start pounding beers at the start of brew fest, you’ll never make it through all of the vendors. Consider sampling only the beers that sound particularly appetizing to you.
  5. Enjoy the food. Don’t forget about the delicious local food often found at a beer fest! Attend beer fest not just for brews, but also for food. Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Many vendors also offer free snacks.

Beer fest is a lot of fun, and it’s a great opportunity to try beers you would have never chosen on your own. It’s an especially great time to sample exotic microbrews that are too expensive for you to buy regularly. A beer festival charges at the door, allowing you to taste whichever beers you like.


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