How To Bake a Juicy Turkey

Cooking turkey in the oven

If you are in charge of a big holiday dinner, you’re probably concerned about how to cook the turkey just right. Many people complain of dry and tough turkey meat, but it’s actually easy to bake a juicy turkey if you follow a few simple steps. Baking a juice turkey can take several hours, but it’s important to check on it frequently during the baking process. Here’s how to make sure the turkey you bake will be juicy and delicious.

Ingredients and supplies:

Fully thawed turkey
Heavy duty aluminum foil
Bulb baster
Roasting pan large enough for turkey
1 cup water
Oven mitts
1 can turkey or chicken broth

  1. Preparation. First, make sure your turkey is fully defrosted. Do not try to bake a frozen turkey. Once you’re ready to bake, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Prepare the turkey dish. Cut two long pieces of aluminum foil. Lay one widthwise in the pan, and the other lengthwise. Set your turkey in the roasting pan. Place the turkey on top of this aluminum foil in the pan, along with the water and chicken broth. Add any additional seasonings you want to use. Gather the aluminum foil over the turkey, and roll to create a seal. Do not roll too tightly, or you’ll be unable to get it undone to check on your turkey during the baking process.
  3. Cook the turkey. Place your turkey into the oven, and cook about 3-4 hours. The cooking time may be more or less depending on the size of the bird. Check every half hour and baste with the bulb baster. This is essential if you want a juicy turkey. Turkeys can become dry if they are overcooked or if you let the juices escape during the baking process. Be sure to monitor the bird carefully and baste often to prevent it from drying out. After basting, be sure the aluminum foil is covers the turkey tightly. This will keep the steam in, helping the turkey stay moist. Wear oven mitts when checking on the turkey, and be careful, because steam will escape when you unwrap the turkey each time.
  4. Check for doneness. When it’s nearly done, check by inserting a fork into the breast. If the fork penetrates and comes out easily, your turkey is done cooking.
  5. Enjoy! Don’t forget to make all of the traditional sides, like gravy and mashed potatoes.

Turkeys are one of the hardest foods for most people to cook because they simply don’t get a lot of practice at it. For best results, be sure you know how to cook a juicy turkey before attempting it. The key is to make sure the turkey is basted frequently with the juices in the pan, and don’t let the turkey become overcooked.


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