How To Bake a Potato in Foil: Oven Baked Potato

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People often wonder how to correctly bake a potato so that it does not turn out too dry, too mushy, and especially not burnt. Cooking potatoes can be difficult if you don't know how to bake them properly. The answer is to use foil.

Here's how to bake a potato perfectly in foil - it only takes a few steps.

The first step in preparing potatoes for baking is washing them. While you wash them, you can preheat the oven to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. After they have been thoroughly washed and scrubbed, you should use a knife to cut two small slits on the potatoes, crossing over each other to make a cross. Now try to put some butter inside the cross shape the best you can, using a butter knife. This will make them flavorful. After trying to get butter inside the slits, lightly butter the outside before you begin cooking them.

The next step in baking potatoes perfectly is to wrap them in foil. You do not need to wrap them in foil too tightly, but the foil should fit snugly around them and should cover them completely. The purpose in using foil to bake them is to heat them faster, keep the flavor inside, and prevent them from drying out and burning. Depending on your oven, you should bake them for about an hour and a half at 350 degrees. This is usually the time it takes to bake potatoes if you are baking 4 or more. If you are baking fewer of them, it will usually take less than an hour for them to be baked thoroughly. You can check too see if the oven baked potato is done baking sooner than this if you wish.

All you need to do to check if a potato is baked is open the foil and stick a fork into it. If the fork slides in easily and goes down pretty far, it is done. If it takes effort to drive a fork down into the potato you should let it bake longer. You can even bake them in foil on a barbecue grill the same way as in the oven. Your cooking time might be a little shorter this way than in the oven because of the more intense heat and flames of the grill.

Now that you have finished baking the potatoes, you can take them out of the foil keeping in mind they will be extremely hot and add extra butter and salt if desired.


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