How To Bake a Potato Without Any Equipment

For Fun or Out of Need

You're out in the wilderness, about to make a dinner of steak and a baked potato over an open fire. Suddenly, you realize: you have none of the required tools to bake a potato! Is dinner ruined? Never fear! There's still a way to do it.

  1. Light a cooking fire. The obvious first step for most wilderness cooking. Put a small bundle of dry grass (or pine needles, or leaves... whatever is at hand) in a fire ring, stack a few twigs around it, and place some logs around that, open toward the wind. Light a match and ease it under the grass.

    If dry grass and leaves are nowhere in sight, just cut shavings from a stick. For a quicker light, make some of the twigs so that shavings are cut, but remain attached.

  2. Pack the potato in mud. Most campers will bake a potato in tin foil, but mud serves the purpose just as well. The point is to let the heat cook the potato through, without scorching it in the direct heat of the fire.
  3. Wait for the fire to die down. THIS IS CRUCIAL!!! In order to bake a potato, the fire must die down to a bed of coals. Otherwise, the fire will dry out the potato, or burn it.
  4. Bury the potato in the coals. This will mimic the effects of an oven, radiating heat around the potato to cook it evenly.
  5. Wait about 20 minutes.
  6. Remove from the coals, season to taste, and enjoy!!!


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Never knew about the mud cover. Great idea.

By Mary Norton