How To Bake with Parchment Paper

If you are not familiar with parchment paper, and you like to cook and bake, this information is for you. Before being introduced to parchment paper, I often found myself alone in the kitchen with the mess I had created while baking cookies for the entire neighborhood.

Here is one of the wonderful things about parchment paper: You can use it to line your pans and cookie sheets so that your food comes off easily. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to clean your cookie sheets and pans when you don't have to scrub cake or cookie residue from each item.

Once you have purchased the parchment paper you are going to use, follow these simple steps when baking.

Select the cookie sheet or pan you will be using. Tear off the amount of parchment paper needed to cover the interior of your baking pan or baking sheet. Place the paper in the pan or on the cookie sheet, and add your ingredients. It really is that simple. No spray oil is needed. No oiling and flouring your pans when you use parchment paper.

If you are using parchment paper for cookies, keep in mind you do not have to remove each cookie to a cooking rack. You can simply lift the parchment paper with all the cookies at one time and move to a cooling rack. Isn't that great?

When using parchment paper for other foods, consider these ideas. When making macaroni and cheese, or casserole style dishes, you can line the pan you are using including the sides with the parchment paper. Once cooked and cooled, the parchment paper will enable you to remove the entire recipe in one piece. You can place this onto a piece of aluminum foil, or into a freezer container and save for later use.

Using parchment paper to cook fish is an interesting idea. You simply cut parchment paper to the size you need, and place the fish in the center of each paper. Add your spices, vegetables, whatever you want. Fold the parchment paper as if you were creating an envelope, or folding a napkin. Now place the parchment fish on a baking sheet, and cook according to your recipe instructions. After cooking, cut the paper in the middle to allow access to the fish. Imagine how nice this will look when placed on individual plates.

I can't believe I did not start using parchment paper sooner. It is making a big difference in my baking efforts, and saving my manicure by giving me less clean up after baking.


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