How To Brew Amber Beer

Brewing your own amber beer is not a very difficult process. All you have to do is get the materials and ingredients that you need for the brewing. Afterwards, you can brew your own beer at home and even experiment on some recipes. You can come up with your own drink recipes that you can serve to your guests during house parties.

Here are the steps on how you can brew your own amber beer at home:

1.    Ingredients and materials. First, make sure that you have the ingredients and materials that you need for brewing amber beer. The ingredients you need are water, malt extract, hops, yeast, and sugar. The materials you need are a racking cane, a fermenter, an airlock, cooking pot, siphon, a bottle filling hose and some bottles to put the amber beer in.

2.    Preparations. Sterilize all the materials that you are going to use for the brewing process. While you are sterilizing, you can already start preparing for the cooking process. Get your cooking pot and put in about one and a half gallons of water. Wait for the water to start boiling.

3.    Making the amber beer. When the water starts to boil, add malt extract. Use a wooden spoon to stir the mixture well. Do this until all the malt has been dissolved in the water. Wait for the mixture to boil again. When it is already boiling, the next step is to add in the hops to the mixture. Let it boil for about one hour.

Now, get your fermenter and fill it with about seven pounds of ice and about a gallon of water. Use a strainer and pour in the mixture that you cooked into the fermenter. After this, you can put in the yeast with the mixture. Close the fermenter and place it in a warm place in your house. Allow the mixture to ferment for about three days.

After a few days, you have to transfer the solution from one fermenter to another. You can do this by using the siphon and the bottle filling hose. Put the racking cane inside the first fermenter. Do not let the cane reach the sediments at the bottom of the fermenter. Use the end of the tube and put it in another fermenter. Now, work the cane until the solution starts to move through the tube and out to the other fermenter. When the beer has been transferred, you have to wait a couple more days for the solution to ferment further.

4.    Finishing the brewing. When the beer is ready, the next step is to finish it off with a sugar mixture. Boil about a pint of water. When the water boils, add one and a half cups of the of malt extract. Now, add the fermented solution to the sugar and malt mixture and stir it. When the solution has been mixed well, you can already transfer the amber beer to the beer bottles. Put the bottles in a dark place and let it set for two weeks before drinking.

These are the simple steps on how you can make your own amber beer at home. When you are used to the brewing process, you can experiment and make your own recipes.


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