How To Buy a Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

What genuine coffee lover—male or female, young or old—would not like to receive a beautifully prepared basket packed with selected gourmet coffee? Gourmet coffee gift baskets are great gifts for a variety of occasions, whether it is for a birthday, an anniversary, or the holidays.  It is a versatile gift you can easily purchase online or from specialty stores.  They also come in a variety of brands, sizes and additions that can suit any budget.  Best of all, your choices can be made to fit a particular theme or occasion, according to one’s personal preferences. To learn how to buy a gourmet coffee gift basket, read the tips below:

  1. Consider the person you will be giving the basket to. Is he an adventurous coffee enthusiast always on the look-out for new blends? You should seriously consider giving this guy a basket of gourmet coffee with a sampling of the newest and unusual blends. Does he have a sweet tooth? Then try pairing gourmet coffee with chocolates and other sweet coffee treats.
  2. Make sure you will include established gourmet coffee brands or brands you have tried and tasted yourself.
  3. Choose the type of coffee you will be including in your gift basket. Stick to the variety preferred by your recipient or make a personal selection. Coffee strengths according to acidity are classified as strong, medium or mild. There is also a decaffeinated variety available for recipients who may be sensitive to caffeine but nonetheless enjoy their coffee. There are also roasted and blended coffees to choose from. There are plenty of choices to choose from!
  4. Select whole bean or grounded coffee. Again, this choice in part depends on the first consideration or your personal preference. If you are giving out whole bean coffee, make sure your recipient has a coffee grinder at home or include one in your gift basket. If he does not, go for ground coffee. Inform the seller to prepare the beans for the standard automatic drip coffee maker.
  5. If you followed the first step, which is considering the personal preferences of the person you are giving the basket to, then you should be able to pick out additional items or add-ons to your gourmet coffee items.  Try including a beautifully crafted mug, coffee bin, French press or coffee grinder with your basket.
  6. Consider the occasion when you will be giving the gourmet coffee basket. Are you giving it as a gift for Christmas? For a birthday or an anniversary perhaps? It is also a great idea to follow a theme when picking a gourmet coffee gift basket. For instance, Christmas themed gourmet coffee gift baskets are available in your specialty stores or online.
  7. Choose a full basket that is packed attractively or pick out the individual items to go in the basket yourself. The packaging should be colorful or rustic looking for a great effect and must match your chosen theme. The basket is usually filled with the selected items, arranged to perfection and wrapped in cling paper.
  8. Shop for your gourmet coffee basket in specialty stores or online. Try out and  These websites allow you to choose from a wide range of coffee brands already prepared baskets or customize and design your gourmet baskets according to your budget.

As you can see, learning how to buy a gourmet coffee gift basket is easy. (Okay, maybe a bit harder because there are just so many great choices available.) The recipient will surely love the choice you’ve made if you follow the above suggestions.


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