How To Buy Cruelty-Free Beef

Who can resist a savory and sumptuous dish such as beef-steak or T-steak? Do you ever bother yourself to ask if the beef you are eating is cruelty-free?

Have you heard about cruelty-free beef? This is cow’s meat that comes from farms or producers that treat cattle following humane standards for care. For beef to be cruelty-free, the cows must have never undergone any kind of maltreatment or exhausted from working in the farms. Aside from that, it is necessary that these animals have been allowed to live a natural lifestyle- livestock must be raised in an environment wherein they can have access to clean and sufficient food and water. The environment must be favorable to them to grow and move naturally. Here are some steps on how to buy cruelty-free beef.

  1. Get the meat directly from your local farm. In order to ensure that you will purchase cruelty-free beef is to select a farm that will permit you to walk around and look at how animals are being raised based on humane standards. It is best that you personally buy the meat straight from your neighboring farm.  
  2. Check if the cattle are butchered on-site at your town farms. You may ask the people working there about the slaughter process. If possible ask the management if they will allow you to view the butcher process. However, if the cows are not slaughtered at your local farm, you may do research about the practices that their meat processing plants do when slaughtering animals.
  3. Shop for beef from authorized food stores. Look for stores that sell meat products that bear the certified humane raised and handled logo, because it will guarantee that the animals are raised and butchered following high quality of standards for humane caring. Nature’s Stop, Real Foods, Tower Market and Mollie Stone’s are some of the stores that produce cruelty-free beef.
  4. Make a study about online or local groups support cruelty-free meat products. You may surf the net or go straight to your town neighbors who advocate and are interested in purchasing and eating beef or other meat products that are humanely raised and slaughtered. By doing this, your work of locating farms or stores where you can buy cruelty-free beef will be a lot easier.
  5. Order and purchase meat products from cruelty-free stores or farms through the Internet. You can buy meat products that meet the standards for humane care online and it will absolutely free you from the hassles of buying the beef products in person and you can also have them delivered right at your door step.
  6. Go for organic meat. Buy organic meat from your grocery stores or farms. If you are not certain that your local stores or farms produce and sell cruelty-free meat products you may opted to try organic meats.   

Indeed, purchasing cruelty-free beef or meat will cost you more compared to buying regular meat from food stores or farms. But if you care for the animals, then spending a little more money is not that a great deal. Besides, buying humanely bred meat products will enable you to feed yourself and even your family products that are beneficial to their health, more flavorful and kinder.


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