How To Buy Snow Cone Supplies

This article teaches you everything you will need to know to purchase your very own snow cone supplies. If you already have a snow cone maker, it should have came with instructions on how and where you can purchase more supplies. Just in case you do not have this information, you will learn how to buy some today. Chances are, your snow cone maker only came with a small number of supplies. Start off by making a shopping list. Included in your list should be a snow cone maker, cone shaped cups, small spoons, baby sized. And as many flavors as you choose. Do not forget an extra blade, just in case yours is broken for some reason. Determine how much of each flavor you will need, whether you are running a business, or just a birthday party.
Be sure to take a taste test on any new flavors. This should always be done before you purchase anything in bulk. It will be cheaper to buy flavors by the gallon. If you do buy it in gallon size jugs, be sure to transfer the flavor to a smaller size bottle, which of course should always be labeled with the correct flavor.

If you are just needing supplies for a small group, you can buy flavorings at your local grocery store. If you are going into the snow cone business, you will want to go to a wholesaler. Wholesalers will have cheaper prices on larger quantities. Ask the dealer about special prices. They may give you a better deal if you let them know that you plan to be a returning customer. Sometimes, if you shop around, you may be able to purchase a used snow cone maker. If this is the case, they may throw in a few extra supplies. This will help you out, although, you should plan to purchase everything new. This way you will have everything you need.
You will want to remember to have plenty of freezer space to store the ice. If you have the ice trays, and a big enough freezer, you can make your own ice. This will save you a lot of money. Make sure to have every flavor imaginable. Purchase one of each if it is possible. This way you will have something for everybody. If you choose to make your own flavor, try this recipe: Combine equal parts sugar and water in a saucepan stirring over medium heat. When the sugar dissolves, add your favorite flavor of kool aid drink mix. This way may be somewhat cheaper, although, your flavors will be limited.
Snow cone making can be a very fun way to make extra money. The only catch is that it is seasonal. Nobody wants a snow cone in the winter time.


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