How To Chill a Can of Soda in 30 Seconds

Whether at home, at school or even at the office, there are times when you feel the need of freshening up. You often have a break, take a nap, or eat your favorite snacks. Because you want to feel refreshed, you need to choose refreshments that would satisfy you while taking your break. You buy your favorite sandwich and pair it with a can of soda. Then all of a sudden you realized that the can of soda you are holding is at room temperature. But worry not, because it is possible to chill or cool a can of soda in just 30 seconds. All you need is a plastic container or a bucket, ice or ice cubes, water, and salt. Here are a few simple steps to a chilled can of soda in just 30 seconds.

  1. If this is your first time chilling or cooling a can of soda in a matter of minutes, it may be interesting to take the temperature records before and after the process so you'll know how effective the method is. First thing you do is open your can of soda and measure the temperature of your drink. Record the temperature of your drink and compare afterwards. Note that opening the can won't give a result that is as effective as keeping it closed until the process is finished.
  2. Prepare your container or bucket and fill it with 1/4 full of water. Add the ice or ice cubes into the container. There must be a 1:1 ratio of ice and water to have a good cooling container. Make sure that the ice and water mixture does not overflow once the can of soda is submerged into the beverage container.
  3. Get a spoonful or a small handful of salt and add it into the container. Combining salt and ice produces a remarkable reaction, which makes salt a very good agent in chilling or cooling refreshments. This reaction lowers the freezing temperature of the water; hence, the mixture can get colder than the normal freezing temperature. The salt on ice melts it and makes the ice and water mixture colder.
  4. Submerge the cans of soda that you want to chill or cool. Afterwards, stir the water and ice mixture rapidly so that the transfer of heat from your drink into the ice and water mixture is hastened.  The number of cans you can chill depends on the size of your plastic container.
  5. Wait for a few seconds or so. Measure the temperature of the submerged can of soda and compare it to the initial temperature of your drink. You will see that the temperature has drastically changed proving the effectivity of the cooling process. You may want to wait a few more minutes if you think the cans of soda needs more time chilling. Don't forget to stir the salt, ice and water mixture until it reaches the coldness that you desire.
  6. Enjoy your refreshing can of soda. Pair it with your favorite snack food and enjoy your break.

There is nothing worse than a can of warm soda. So if you're time is uptight but you are craving for a refreshing drink, this 30-second process is sure to help you quench your thirst.


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