How To Chill a Drink Quickly

Nothing is better than a cold drink out of a can or bottle. The instant satisfaction of opening the bottle and putting your lips into that opening then taking a swig of a cool, cool drink is unparalleled.  Though brain freeze is a possibility, sometimes you just have to take that risk when you consider the ecstasy of feeling the cold beverage down your throat, down your esophagus and all the way to your stomach.

Sadly, when you just bought a box of soda from Wal-Mart it is never that cold coming out of the box. You can pack a glass full of ice and pour the beverage in but it takes a while for it to drop down to the desired temperature and your drink waters down steadily. If you want some instantaneously cold beverages, the principles of thermo-dynamics might be able to help you. These steps are simple. Follow these steps and be on your way to some chilling satisfaction.

  1. Get some ice. Grab a bunch of ice from your freezer. Put it in a bowl and add some water. The water makes the transfer of temperature more efficient. Try to find an insulated bowl -- it works better.
  2. Add some salt to the water. The next step is to add some salt in the water. A small handful should be enough. Ever wonder why the sea doesn't totally freeze in the winter. This is because when salt is added to water, the salt lowers the freezing point beyond the normal Zero degree Celsius temperature (32 degrees Fahrenheit).
  3. Place the drinks in. After putting the salt in, immediately follow it up with the drinks. Once the drinks are in your iced brine, stir to create a form of convection. In this step cold ice absorbs the heat from the hot drinks causing its temperature to go down. The heat moves from the drink to the ice through the salt water and eventually their temperatures should meet at an equal level.

The only thing left to do is to open up your cold drink and enjoy! This method of chilling your drink is a neat party trick that would easily satisfy your guests. It is best to do this with canned drinks because the aluminum allows maximum heat transfer. You can use a large container filled with ice, water and drinks for large parties.


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I run across this situation all the time! Thanks for a great tip!

By Diane Timberlake

Great idea especially in a hot climate.

By Mary Norton