How To Choose a Groom's Cake

Brides are usually at the front and center in any wedding. Wedding cakes almost always reflect the woman’s taste more than the man’s. That is why it is a great idea to have a groom’s cake to put a masculine touch to the reception. The idea of having a groom’s cake started in the southern part of the United States. It gives the groom a chance to show off his personality as well as provide guests with a great dessert.

A groom’s cake is traditionally a gift from the bride. Since it was customary for guests to bring home part of the groom’s cake, it was usually made of fruitcake. Nowadays, that tradition has gone out the window. With the many choices of groom’s cakes, there are no set rules except that it mirrors the personality of the husband-to-be.

Choosing a groom’s cake is easy. Most bakeries have incorporated this type of confection in their wedding catalog. Here are some tips in finding the perfect cake for the groom:

1. Set appointments with different bakeries in your area so you can view their cake albums as well as have a cake testing session. Inquire about the costs involved for the cake, the delivery as well as the setup. You don’t necessarily have to get the groom’s cake from the same bakery as the one making your wedding cake. However, it is convenient to deal with one store and they can probably offer you a package deal for the two cakes.

2. Choose the theme and design of the groom’s cake. This includes the size and shape of the cake. The theme of the groom’s cake does not have to be in line with the theme of the wedding. The design can be simple, complex or completely outrageous. Groom cakes can reflect something close to the groom’s heart. Here are some examples of cake designs:

  • Hobby or pastime – swordfish, wood working tools, Sudoku puzzle, poker chips
  • Computer game – Mario Brothers, a gaming console
  • Movie or TV Show – Star Trek ship, Simpsons characters, Lord of the Rings scenery
  • Artist – Kiss faces, Picasso painting
  • Book – stack of John Grisham novels, Sherlock Holmes’ pipe and hat
  • Musical Instrument – piano, guitar
  • Sport or sports team logo – golf bag, boxing gloves, college football team, NFL team
  • Vehicle – Ferrari, Chinook helicopter, yacht
  • Childhood memory – light house, his tree house, bicycle
  • Pet – dog, frog, cat or hamster
  • Food – beer, candy, hamburger

For copyrighted designs like sports logos or characters, make sure the bakery has permission to use the design.

3. Select the flavor of the cake. The flavor of the groom’s cake is usually different from that of the wedding cake. Popular flavors are red velvet, lemon, banana, coconut, carrot, vanilla and hazelnut, plus of course, chocolate. You can also have a filling in between the cake layers. Irish cream, hazelnut, coffee and peanut butter are used for some groom’s cakes.

Today’s groom’s cakes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, flavors and designs. It is a chance to have something creative, fun and whimsical beside the more formal wedding cake. You can either keep it a secret or involve your groom in choosing the design and flavor of the cake. Whatever you choose, make sure you are positive that it is really what the groom would like. After all, it is a cake in his honor.


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