How To Choose a Special Occasion Cake

All your life you’ve gotten used to celebrating momentous and special occasions with a cake. It’s not surprise – cakes are soft and delectable sweet treats that would make anyone happy and filled with joy. That’s why it’s such a staple for birthday, weddings business parties and other celebrations of achievement and milestones.

With baking reaching new heights and a lot more avant-garde artists entering the food business, it’s not shocking that there is now a growing number of options when it comes to which types of cake you can get for your special occasion. Here are some ways to make sure that you’re choosing the best cake for the special occasion that you have in mind:

  1. Think of the occasion. The cake will be the center piece of the event so make sure that the theme of the cake goes side by side with the theme of the party. If it’s a birthday cake, make it seem like it’s birthday cake! Put the necessary number of candles and the obligatory greeting on the icing. If the party is a black tie event, you may want to get a very classic and elegant cake. Weddings would most definitely have a multi-tiered cake.
  2. Think of the person. If you’re giving away a cake for somebody else that is celebrating something, try to think of that person’s likes and interests. You may even commission a pastry shop to make a specialized cake for you. This may cost extra but it would be a truly memorable and unique gift. Consider the person’s favorite colors, flavor of cake (usually vanilla, chocolate or strawberry) and the use of icing. Some people may be conscious of the sugar content so ask the baker to use sugar substitutes if they have it in their menu.
  3. For a no frills cake, go to the bake shop and ask for their cake book. The cake book would contain all the designs that they do for their clients. This would have pre-made figurines and sculptures that could be easily assembled on top of the cake in just a few days. Just pick the design you want get the cake when it’s ready! It’s that simple. It may not be as unique as the others but for kid’s party, any child would probably freak out to see his favorite cartoon character on a cake.
  4. Collaborate with your  baker for the perfect cake. Sometimes throwing ideas at each other is the key to having the best end product possible. Keep on saying suggestions until the two of you end up on the same page. Have the baker explain the final plan to you before giving him the go signal to start the baking and assembling process.

Picking the best cake for that special occasion is quite easy. Just be imaginative and intuitive as to what the person would want and what the occasion calls for. Once you do that, it should be as they say – a piece of cake!


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