How To Choose an Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream is an all-season favorite dessert—yes, we’re not only talking about summer here. Remember how much you were craving a vanilla-flavored ice cream in winter? If you can’t remember that, other people surely remember their intense craving for ice cream. Now, imagine how fun it will be to have your very own ice cream maker machine. Imagine how many flavors you can create if you have one!

Making new odd-flavored ice cream can be possible if you have an ice cream machine. But buying one is not that easy because not all ice cream maker machines were created equal. Some may be best for you while some may be the worst. When choosing an ice cream maker, there are certain factors you need to consider:

1.    Size. What is the ideal amount of ice cream that the machine should make at a time? Deciding will be easy if you consider the number of persons you expect to share with one round of ice cream making. For instance you’ll have it for your family with eight members, then a two-quart ice cream maker should be okay. But if you’re planning to have the machine for business and you foresee giving ice cream to hundreds of people, then you better consider bigger machines, which can produce more ice cream.

2.    Type. There are four types of ice cream maker machines and each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. Get the best type that will best fit to your wants and needs.

  • Hybrid. This ice cream maker is like a combination of electric and hand-cranked ice cream maker. You’ll need rock salt and ice to use this while the machine will take care of the mixing. You’ll like this because it’s inexpensive compared with other types but you’ll have to endure noise when using this machine.
  • Electric/Automatic. This is considered as the most common ice cream maker type. You’ll need a frozen bowl before you can make some ice cream with it but it sure is worth the effort.
  • Old Fashioned. This type works using hand crank only. You need to continuously turn the hand crank to make some ice cream with this. The biggest advantage of this is that it has some nostalgic effect, perfect if you want to make ice cream the old-fashioned way. But if you’re considering practicality, this thing is definitely not for you.
  • Attachment Stand Mixer. Consider getting this type if you already have a stand mixer. You’ll simply attach the machine to the mixer and you can start making ice cream.

3.    Price. Before you decide on the budget, shop around for the common price of ice cream maker of your choice. It will be ridiculous to set $50 for a large-sized ice cream maker that costs more than $400. If your budget can’t handle the type of machine you want, then better save up first before buying that. After all, if it’s that expensive, it surely is worth the wait.

An ice cream maker costs at least $50 to more than $400. This price range alone requires you to think it hard before buying a new machine. Don’t worry because after the hard work, you’ll surely rip the frozen fruits of your labor.


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