How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake Topper

If you are not familiar as to what a wedding cake topper is, it is actually the figurine or ornament on top of the wedding cake. The traditional wedding cake topper that most couples use for their wedding is the bride and groom figurine. However, there are really hundreds of different options for wedding cake toppers, so if you are looking for one for your upcoming wedding, then you will soon find out that the whole concept of finding an appropriate and hopefully, perfect wedding cake topper is not as easy as it seems. To help you find the perfect one, here are a few things you can and should consider.

  • Discuss and decide what you want. The decision in choosing the topper for your wedding cake really boils down to what you and your fiancé wants. No one person should ever decide on the topper on their own unless the other person allows the other the free will to choose it for both of them. On the other hand, a wedding is a special day for the couple. Thus all decisions should be made by the couple. This being said, make sure to sit down with your soon-to-be lifetime partner and decide on the topper. Obviously, you will want the topper to fit to your wedding theme and décor not to mention the actual design of the cake. Once both of you have made a decision, go on the hunt and tell your baker or cake maker what you want.
  • Consider the traditional topper. Since the wedding is a romantic event, you may want to stick with the classic toppers. One example is the bride and groom dancing together. Another would be the bride and groom standing side by side together while holding hands. And, finally, the bride and groom having their first kiss on their wedding day. Of course, the bride will be wearing her wedding gown and the groom, the traditional tux or suit. These examples are classics and should never be ignored especially if you want your cake to exude romance.
  • Consider a lighter approach. Some couples want to mix a formal wedding with light humor. If this is the case with yours, then consider selecting a topper that will still be in a traditional form but with a hint of comedy. For instance, a bride and groom topper doing a funny and awkward dance or talking on their mobile phones while walking down the aisle wearing the traditional bridal gown and suit. Another option would be the bride wearing the suit and the groom wearing the gown. These are some examples but you can use your imagination and humor to have the perfect topper created, one that will get some laughs along the way.
  • Consider cute animals. Another traditional and classic topper would be the twin doves or swans. You can actually crank it up a notch with a cute and funny idea of replacing these birds with funnier animals such as a pig or gorilla. Your guests will think it cute and quite humorous.
  • Consider letters. One common cake topping idea that is really simple and elegant is the use of two letters signifying the initial letter of the first name of the bride and the groom. In other words, the monogram topper. Choose the type of font or design for the letters and have your baker fabricate it for you.

No matter what your wedding cake topper is, this is actually a minor tweak for your wedding and should not be the focus of the event. The real event will be the actual ceremony where you and your fiancé will exchange vows and commit to love each other till death comes.


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