How To Choose Types of Bottle Opener

There are different kinds of bottle openers.  While most of us take this very useful tool for granted, knowing these different types of bottle openers can come in handy.  This is true whether you are considering starting your own bar or catering business, or simply just preparing for a party.

The main types of bottle opener include those used to take off the bottle caps from soda, bottled water and beer bottles and those used to remove cork or plastic stoppers from wine bottles.

For beer and beverages:

  1. Simple bottle opener is made out of metal with a round opening on one end and a handle for the fingers on the other. The metal tip serves as tooth or lip to catch the underside of the cap. When upward force is applied to the handle, this enables the user to pull off the cap. This kind of bottle opener is typically small and can often be found as a keychain.
  2. Wall-mounted bottle opener is a variant of the simple bottle opener that is usually seen in restaurants and pubs attached to the wall to facilitate opening beer bottles with ease.  Unlike the simple bottle opener, these only require the use of one hand.  Consider using this when you are starting a business in the food and beverage industry where you will be serving a number of people on a regular basis. 
  3. Bar blades have gained widespread use among professional bartenders over the previous years.  It is a typically a 4 cm wide and 16 cm long flat steel with holes on both ends used to take off the caps from beers and sodas. However, this beer opener cannot be used to remove corks.
  4. Crown cork opener is considered the original “bar blade”. It can be either carried in your pocket or attached to the surface and is often accompanied by trays to keep the removed bottle caps. Similar to bar blades, it cannot serve as a wine opener.
  5. Multi-opener or beverage opener can open beverage cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles. It includes glass bottle cap opener, plastic bottle cap grip and stay-tab lifting mechanisms for aluminum cans, allowing less use of pulling and stretching motions by the user.

For wines:

  1. Corkscrew makes use of a single screw inserted to the cork stopper for full rotation until the bottom of the cork is pierced and is ready to be pulled from the wine bottle. This device also comprised of flat housing similar to a Swiss knife and is often concealed in plastic.
  2. Cork master, on the other hand, is for businesses that necessitate removal of cork stoppers in large volumes while at the same time causing very little damage to the bottle. To remove the cork, the bottle’s neck is situated securely at the tube’s lower part until the cork is loosened.
  3. Twin prong cork puller resembles a large key with an oval-shaped handle and two descending thin metal strips coming out of it. The wine bottle is being placed between these metal strips and, once placed firmly, will be pulled and turned until the cork is finally released from the wine bottle.

If you are thinking of purchasing bottle openers, the Internet offers a plethora of options to choose from.  Unlike can openers, bottle openers are tailored for specific kinds of bottles.  Anyone with a compelling fascination for beverages can find these helpful in deciding which bottle opener to use or purchase.


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