How To Cook a Full English Breakfast

A full "English" breakfast comprises the following foods: eggs, sausages, bacon, baked beans and mushrooms. It is very delicious, and is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family. Making it can be somewhat complicated for a non-cook, so here are some ways for you to prepare a full traditional English breakfast.


  • Sausages (2 pieces per serving)

  • Mushrooms (about 100 grams of mushroom per serving)

  • Bacon (about 2 rashers per serving)

  • Eggs (2 per serving)

  • Baked beans (150 grams per serving)

  • Cooking oil (use either vegetable or olive oil)

  • Ketchup or brown sauce as condiments

  • Coffee or tea as drinks

Steps in cooking:

  • Cook the sausages. Sausages take about twelve minutes to cook. They take the longest to cook out of all the ingredients, so it's best to start with them. First, preheat your cooking oil in the pan. Place the sausages in your frying pan. Do remember to turn the sausages regularly to avoid overcooked or undercooked areas of the sausage.

  • Cook the bacon. You can cook the bacon in the same pans you have cooked your sausages. Just place the rashers of bacon in the pan to cook them. Remember to turn them over when one side becomes golden brown.

  • Cook the mushrooms. The first thing you need to do is to wash and slice the mushrooms. Preheat your cooking oil in a separate pan, and then add the mushrooms. The mushrooms take about five minutes to cook. Remember to use gentle heat so you don't char your mushrooms. Toss and stir them regularly. After five minutes, place the cooked mushrooms on a warm plate.

  • Cook the baked beans. You have two options in cooking your beans. You can either cook them with a saucepan or a microwave. To cook them on a saucepan, just preheat the cooking oil in the pan, add the beans, then stir them. Use gentle heat when cooking on a saucepan. To cook with a microwave, you need to place your baked beans on a tin. Heat until they are about to steam. If you are health conscious, it is suggested you microwave your baked beans, so that at least one part of the breakfast is not fried. Baked beans take about three minutes to cook.

  • Cook the eggs. It is advised to cook your eggs while turning the bacon or sausages, or while stirring the baked beans, in order for you to save time. Crack the eggs on a separate pan. Remember to use a preheated pan with cooking oil. Also, pour the cooking oil onto the eggs to reduce the chances of them sticking to the pan. Your eggs are cooked once the egg yolk's color has gone opaque. After cooking, gently place the eggs on a separate plate.

  • Serve and supply condiments. You should place all of the ingredients on a large plate. Remember to add a little style to the food arrangement, so that it is more appetizing to the people eating breakfast. This is best served with ketchup or brown sauce as condiments, and with either coffee or tea as drinks.


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