How To Cook in a Ceramic Pot

Ceramic Pot Cooking
As with most materials used for cooking, there are distinct advantages to cooking with a ceramic pot.  For one thing, heat retention is likely to be fairly even. This means good results for foods that need cookware that evenly spread heat to retain the most flavor.  Meats especially benefit from cooking in ceramic pots; they remain naturally juicy and tender.  One thing to know about cooking in a ceramic pot is that there will be a slight difference in the overall cooking time. The reason is obvious: ceramic material cannot withstand the same high heat that aluminum cookware can. Keep this in mind when choosing a ceramic pot.  One of the more popular types of ceramic pot is referred to as a "slow cooker".  These may be ceramic-lined to a thickness of one or more inches, depending on the size of the slow cooker.  The exterior of the slow cooker is stainless steel, which helps maintain adequate cooking temperatures.

All About Ceramic Pots
In addition to meats like beef, pork or chicken, there are lots of great ideas for easy and convenient meals which can be prepared while at work or when busy at home with other projects.  The thing about ceramic pots is that they are large enough to make a whole dinner in a single pot. That's a definite plus for any busy cook. They are easy to clean and maintain with little more than hot, sudsy water and a clear rinse.  Avoid using steel cleaning pads on ceramic, as they are prone to scratching.  Once a ceramic pot becomes scratched, "pits" will inevitably fill with cooking debris that make it more difficult to keep the pot clean.  One bit of caution: don't put a ceramic slow cooker into the dishwasher or expose its electrical parts to water. For all other non-electrical ceramic pots, just clean those as you would your fine dishware.

Other Uses for Ceramic Pots
Though most of the time, cooking with a ceramic pot is suited to one-pot meals like soups and stews, they can also be a very healthful means of cooking vegetables.  For this, use a cover and allow the vegetables to cook just until tender. The ceramic pot will "steam cook" the vegetables without wilting them. You can also try popular desserts like steamed cakes and puddings. There is so little effort, with less clean-up afterward.  Rice pudding is a special delight when prepared in a ceramic pot. Every home chef should try cooking with a ceramic pot.


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