How To Cook Smoked Turkey Wings

Everyone enjoys the rich, flavorful taste of smoked food.  Not only does it add a nice flavor to the prepared meal, but it also keeps foods juicy and moist.  Smokers are especially ideal for cooking turkey, since it dries out easily.

A smoker is a cooking device that creates a temperature controlled, smoky setting for the food to cook in.  Smokers differ in what they run on, including electricity, gas, charcoal, or wood.  What makes smokers so popular is that they use natural flavors to enhance the taste and quality of food.  These include blending together the wood scents, liquid, and heat to make rich, juicy tastes.

To get started, you will want to choose a wood scent for your smoked turkey.  Because this is what will flavor your turkey wings, choose scents that would taste good with turkey.  Some popular choices include mesquite and hickory wood chips, but you can get creative and use flavors such as apple or peach.  You will then want to soak the wood chips in water so that they become moist.

Because the wood chips will provide the flavor, you do not need to add any additional spices or seasonings.  You can, however, add juices or wines for added flavor or to give your smoked turkey wings a little extra zing.

Smokers have two pans: one for the charcoal, and one for the water.  You will want to begin by filling these pans.  First get the charcoal hot.  Do this by putting crumbled up pieces of paper onto the coal and lighting them.  Then pour the water that the wood chips have been sitting in into the water pan.  You can now add any additional wines or juices during this time.  Slide both pans into the smoker.

You will want to make sure that the smoker has reached a temperature of about 225 degrees Fahrenheit before cooking the turkey wings.  When this temperature has been reached, place the turkey wings on the rack and cook them for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  To gain the flavor from the wood chips, you can add them while the smoked turkey wings are cooking.  Do this by carefully placing the wood chips onto the charcoal.  Most smokers have a side door where you can conveniently reach in and place the wood chips onto the coals.

Once this is completed, frequently check on the smoked turkey wings to make sure that both the charcoal pan and the water pan are full.  When they start to get low, be sure to add extra liquid and charcoal.  This helps keep the temperature hot and the juices flowing for your smoked turkey wings. 


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