How To Cook Spinach

Chef cooking spinach

When the cartoon character Popeye eats his spinach that gives him super power to beat Brutus, you just wonder, what is spinach and can it really make you strong? The truth is that spinach has a lot of vitamins and nutrients that will make you really healthy. But do you know how to cook it well so that you are able to present this vegetable such that your children will be encouraged to eat it?

  1. Cooking spinach requires care so that it will not be overcooked that will definitely remove the vital nutrients in it. The best way is just to blanch it in boiling water. Other ways of dealing with spinach is to blanch it in boiling water and then after a few seconds, you can place it into a bowl full of iced water. This way, the cooking process will stop and you can now have spinach cooked perfectly and enjoyed by the family. You can squeeze out all the water after you have dipped it in the cold water and then cut it into desired sizes you want it eaten or presented as a side dish or as an ingredient of another dish you want to concoct using this healthy vegetable. You can use it as an add-on to scrambled egg or omelets or in another more elaborate dish like spinach ravioli.
  2. Another delicious way of cooking spinach is to fry it with garlic. You can add a little sunflower oil to a pan and then to bring it to medium heat. Garlic can then be finely chopped and fried for a few minutes. Then you can drop the spinach leaves and fry it slowly for a few minutes, stirring it frequently so that the garlicky flavor will be distributed throughout the spinach before you serve it as an accompaniment to a dish. You can also use it as a serving bed to your other vegetables in a salad dish. That way, your children get to eat the lettuce, tomatoes, turnips, pineapple and spinach in a tasty bowl of salad.

    Be sure to remove the stems of the spinach by hand before you cook it so that you can enjoy the leaves where the nutrients are concentrated after all. Steam the spinach and try to squeeze out the water when you remove it from the boiling water or after you steam it off. There will always be some water even after you have steamed it, so you can include it nevertheless on your vegetable salad.

  3. Another way of cooking spinach is to fry it crispy. This removes all the nutrients of course, but since it is still made of spinach, one just foregoes the frying part there. You need not use this all the time but this is still another way of cooking it. You can drain it well, perhaps even have it dry out really well, and then have it fried crispy by dipping it in light batter so that you can still see the spinach. Then to top it, you can fix some mayonnaise and mustard dip and voila, you have a tasty appetizer for your party.


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