How To Cook with a Titanium Pan

Titanium Pans come in many different forms such as the frying, sauce, steaming and glass lid pans. There are many benefits to using Titanium cookware. For one, you can cook or fry foods using little or no oil, grease or other fats. This is important for foods to contain their natural ingredients and flavor. Another reason why oil is not needed is because the surface of the frying pan is non-stick and scratch resistant. Here is how to cook with a Titanium pan:

  • For Pan-Broil Steaks - These directions are for the use of cooking any type of meat such as hamburger, pork or lamb chops, etc. To began, you will not need to use any fat or oil. Just season your meat before adding to the Titanium pan. Then sear the meat on the pan using a medium to high heat setting. Sear the meat until it is brown. If you are cooking braised meat, you can add a little water. This is also relevant for stew meat. Make sure to cover the meat and let it simmer until it is brown and tender.
  • Cooked Cereals - To cook with a Titanium pan with cooked cereals is very easy. Simmering can be used for spaghetti sauces and other fruit glazes. To do this, just add fruit or spaghetti sauce on a medium heat setting and leave it uncovered. Melt at least 2 tablespoons of margarine and add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. Make sure to cook sliced fruit on one side at a time. Do this until the fruit is tender.
  • Steamed Fish or Frozen Vegetables - the Titanium pan is perfect for keeping nutrients and other enzymes in vegetables and fish. This is important to stay healthy and also retain the taste and moisture. To use the Titanium pan for poultry or vegetables, put your vegetables in a cold pan. You do not have to add fat or water. Now, put the lid on. Set the pan to a medium or high heat. When you notice steam start to appear, turn the heat down a little in order to let the food simmer. For softer vegetable and fish, let it sit for at least 15 minutes.
  • Roast - When cooking roast in a Titanium pan, there are little to no ingredients needed. Pre-heat the pan on a high heat setting. Next, make sure to brown the top with the lid on. Do this for about 15-20 minutes. You will need to flip the meat and repeat the process. Keep repeating this process while seasoning until the roast is completely cooked. You can also add other vegetables like potatoes if desired.


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