How To Cook with Truffle Oil

Cooking with truffle oil is becoming popular today, and many find the aroma and flavor of truffle oil irresistible. Rare, edible truffles are black or white, grow underground, and are related to the mushroom. Their flavors produce the two types of truffle oil: black truffle oil (earthy and pungent) and white truffle oil (milder flavor that's best in lighter dishes).

Truffle oil comes in the form of synthetic truffle oil or genuine truffle oil. Synthetic truffle oil will work in most recipes and has an olive oil base with additives that mimic truffle flavoring. This truffle oil is sold at a more affordable price. True truffle oil, far more expensive, is made from olive oil that has been infused (flavor has been absorbed) with actual truffle pieces, then strained and bottled.

When purchasing truffle oil, buy a small bottle, since truffle oil is a flavoring used in limited amounts at the end of the cooking process. The price range of truffle oil starts at around 7 dollars for several ounces. You will find black and white truffle oil in most large grocery stores and online. Store the truffle oil in a cool dry place.

Find a truffle oil recipe online -- such as a casserole that uses your favorite ingredients in addition to truffle oil. Recipes that add truffle oil at the end of cooking include rice and pasta dishes, potatoes, vegetables and salad dressings. After using truffle oil a number of times in your cooking, you will become familiar with the aroma and taste.

In learning to cook with truffle oil, it is important to use the oil sparingly at first, and add more if a more intense flavor is desired. An easy way to use truffle oil is in the following recipe, "Oven Roasted Potatoes."

Wash, peel and quarter one pound of red potatoes. Place them in a large roasting pan. Add olive oil (enough to lightly coat potatoes), salt, parsley and rosemary (about 1/2 teaspoon), and toss ingredients. Arrange potatoes in a single layer, place pan in 400 degrees F oven, and roast until tender and lightly browned (30 to 40 minutes). Remove from oven and drizzle a tiny amount (about 1/2 teaspoon) of black or white truffle oil on potatoes and toss. When cooking with truffle oil, be sure to taste the recipe before adding more oil.

Spice up your cooking by adding truffle oil to a favorite recipe for a delicious new dish. Be adventurous and expand your culinary horizon with truffle oil.


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