How To Cook With Turbo Ovens

There are many different types of ovens and ways to cook your food these days. Traditional ovens, convection ovens, microwave ovens and now there are turbo ovens.  You may be surprised to learn how very easy it is to use one of these new ovens and how beneficial it is as well.

A traditional oven cooks by surrounding your food in a general area of high heat. This cooks the food slowly and generally unevenly. In a convection oven, the same type of heat is used but it is pushed around the food with fans. This gives a more even distribution to the heat and has the added benefit of cooking most items faster. In a microwave oven, your food is bombarded with microwave radiation, which cooks the food very unevenly and extremely quickly.

With a turbo oven, food is cooked with simple heat that is circulated inside a glass bowl. There are no heat sources above or below the food to burn it or dry it out. This allows for very even and fast cooking, resulting in a final product which is moist and properly cooked. The designs of all turbo cooker are essentially the same.

There will be a stand on which a tempered glass bowl sits. On top of the bowl is the control center of the unit; inside this is the heating element and the fan. The chef only has to set the desired temperature and time and start the cooking. That's all there really is to using a turbo oven.

Let's say, for example, you want to cook a roast and vegetables for dinner. Place the roast in the glass bowl along with any seasonings; then add the carrots, potatoes and other vegetables all around the roast. Replace the lid to the unit; turn it on to the correct temperature and time as suggested by the manual for the unit. That's it, you have used the turbo oven.

Cleaning is very easy as most, if not all, turbo ovens come with a cleaning setting as well. Simply add some water and detergent to the glass bowl, replace the lid and set the temperature control to the clean cycle. The water is heated and moves around the bowl, cleaning away any grease and food particles. Once done, rinse the turbo oven bowl and wipe it dry.


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